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  1. Looking around the RP sims, I've noticed pretty much everyone's characters are in their late teens and twenties. Are there any active RP communities catered to older crowds? I'm looking for urban settings, not too much fantasy or sci-fi.
  2. It's partly my own dissatisfaction. I can definitely see the advantages of mesh. One thing that bothers me is the weird clipping effects that occur sometimes when certain parts of the body bend. But yeah, I'm not in a rush for it, and probably wouldn't be interested in dating someone for whom something like that is a dealbreaker.
  3. Here's a temporary, until I upgrade to mesh, which will hopefully be soon.
  4. I'm working on a mesh setup, I'll post something once I finish that! I'm using old school stuff at the moment. I don't think I Iook bad at all! But definitely room for improvement.
  5. Hello I've always been attracted to strong, mature women, and would love to spark a romance with an older woman (let's say 35-50 give or take) who'd enjoy spending time with a younger man. I love to go dancing, you can often find me at music clubs, would like to think I'm reasonably intelligent, have been told I'm a good para-roleplayer, and of course I am fully legal and verified. I'd like someone who is a great conversationalist, intelligent and fun, and a fellow good emoter/roleplayer is a big plus. If this fits you, send me a PM and let's chat!
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