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  1. How to find a sub or Domme in SL ?
  2. I have small place and like to divide in two parts . private and public areas with restrictions of movements .How ?
  3. kalaland


    When I wear a dress on a non mesh body some parts of my body are visible . I have clear cache and no improvement . Also delete file inv.gz . Kindly advice .
  4. kalaland


    I have lots of inventory including outfits some of which are no longer in use . How do I delete the outfits that are not required ? Thanks
  5. kalaland

    Mesh Bodies

    Thanks for your help.
  6. kalaland

    Mesh Bodies

    when I switchover from mesh body avatar to other normal avatar and returned back to mesh body , the Hud does not show. help ?
  7. kalaland


    Some times I loose waking for few moments and than suddenly start running causing crash on peoples or wall etc . Kindly advice the correction method . I have already reinstall SL viewer. Thanks Kalaland
  8. What are the difference between normal and mesh body
  9. kalaland


    I need to transfer back my home . How to do?
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