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  1. Be part of our creative team today! We are a newly founded constructing company and currently recruiting for various positions such as builders, mesh artists, interior/exterior designers etc. We seek creative ,passionate and trustworthy people to team up with. For more info comment below with the position you are interested in, contact via Email at arkcreationscons@gmail.com or send a notecard inworld to Dita Southmoor , Tileei Resident and Mayadarata Resident. You can also visit us http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Montlaur/208/11/50
  2. "Prime Community Estates" A touch of luxury in the best prices. Looking for a place to feel comfort and relaxed? We have the perfect home for you. In Prime community you will find houses and apartments suitable for singles, couples, students and families. Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa in front of your fireplace or read your favorite book as you listen to the calm ocean waves from your open window. Our homes are in a beautiful location with access to shops and local private and public facilities. Contact Ray Bolton for more information. http://www.theprimecommunity.com/
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