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About Me

Found 18 results

  1. Need Some Holiday Decorating Ideas? Maybe A New Home For The New Year? Need Some Music To Relax From All That Shopping? Com join our Pamela Live Studio Audience. Today's guests will be Cain Maven, Kaerrie Rae and Bono Fouroux Show starts at 3pm slt. Arrive early for best seating. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ALECTORIS%20ENTERPRISE/193/145/2506 Created and hosted by Pamela Alectoris, The Pamela Live Show has been a part of Second Life since 2011. Each week Pamela showcases talent, businesses and the many different cultures here in Second Life. Interested in being a featured guest on the show? Contact Raiven Immortalis Airy (tricialyn) for information.
  2. Hi everyone, i wanted finaly to ask here, cause going on Shoppingtour is slowly a Pain in the A..... for me. I wear a Slink Hourglass Mesh Body, now no matter in which Store i come, when i search them via Secondlife Search, is dissapointing. I'm tired of shopping for clothes, just getting that "Aha" "Hmh", "No, not my style" experience! Means, i want the hottest, sexyest and even yes, Kinkyest, naughtyest Mesh Clothes made for Hourglass. Why, well i am Flickr Playmate too and look on my Photos, like an old grey Maid, , where clothing is buttoned up to the top, just so you do not see a bit of skin, I think is dreary! I do not know why most of the clothes look like they were made by Christian nuns. If you look at the reality, how many women were already dressed naughty in Playboy magazine. Who actually decides the design of clothing made in Second Life? Who determines what Clothes should look like, the Church "Oh and that must all look very decent, we want to show what good nursery we had!" So i look for those Designers, they dont care, and create Clothes, where a sexy Model still looks like a Sexbomb and not like an old grey Granny! Anyone knows such Stores? And pls, not Blueberry, she creates normal Clothes or Bombshell or LANA, btw from Lana i got the most. I need Mesh Clothes, where i think "Omfg this will cut you off the Stool and not "Aha, ok, fine, yuuuk!" Tysm for your Help Nice Greetings to all of you
  3. Hello everyone, designer looking for an original clothing designer full perm, full body, Legacy, Maitreya, belleza slink, thank you for contacting Ellty Residents around the world for more information thanks
  4. Hello, I am in search of a full perm mesh clothing developer for men and women clothing. I would like all faces of items to be separate i.e. (Men suit = face1 jacket face2 shirt, face 3 tie, face 4 belt, face 5 pants)...Also want it where the suit pieces can be worn separate if needed....NO WHOLE PIECE TEMPLATE.......If you are interested in designing custom clothes for me please contact me. Must be experienced and have items to prove they are capable of designing. I have seen mesh templates be heavy in prims, only want items in low prim. Please provide me with pricing for the following items when responding: Men suit (2 & 3 piece suits....each as separate pieces) Jacket, Shirt, Tie, Vest, Belt & Pants Women Suit ( 2 & 3 piece suit....each as separate pieces) Jacket, Skirt, Shirt, Pants Man button up shirt- Long sleeve can wear a tie, Longs sleeve half unbuttoned Ladies Dress - This can be a One piece with different faces for back and front and sleeves Send Notecards ONLY! Get capped a lot.....respond to mzfineazz Resident! Please only serious inquiring only! The sizes needed will be standard m ~l ~xl slink, belleza, astethetic, Gianni, tmp, geralt If I left anything out that you may need to provide a quote, please contact me and I will answer your questions
  5. 12 FREE GIFTS FROM 12 DESIGNERS FLOATING MARKET 1ST EVENT Floating Market starts !! Grab the awesome gifts, gachas and discounted items before they are gone <3 <3 ¶CHECK US OUT 06TH AUGUST-12TH AUGUST ¶Use the teleporter to Floating Market Area from our Landing point or dance floor.... ¶Mark your Calendar !! Check our facebook: https://www.facebook.com/floatingmarketsecondlife/ And FLICKR: https://www.flickr.com/photos/158421161@N04/ Here is the Landmark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glory Land/196/105/24
  6. To join in Floating Market Event as designer: Terms & Condition : https://docs.google.com/…/1ItRsOTViitUcOVTUOk9LPqZXcl…/edit… Designer application : https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSdRKpgERQhgfuQWHA…/viewform #secondlife #secondlifefashion #secondlifestyle #secondlifeavi#secondlifephotography #secondlifeblog #virtualworld #virtualworlds#secondlifeevents #secondlifefamily #secondlifedesigner#secondlifeonly #secondlifeislookinggoodtoday #secondlifegacha#slavatar
  7. What: Love Me Tender Hunt When: February 2-28 Where: GRID WIDE Application Deadline: January 22nd Applications: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serena NorthRend/139/127/21 (Please remember to change name on application) Theme: Love is in the air so "Be My Valentine" Hunt Object: Heart ($1L) It is the most special holiday of all. Showing that someone you love them more than anything. Love is in the air so show us what you would give your Valentine. RULES: 1) Your hunt can not be in a club. 2) If your hunt is in a mall you need to supply a direct landmark to your store. 3) You must join the Kingswood Group if you wish to participate. Kingswood Mall & Events (copy and paste link to chat) secondlife:///app/group/685ce943-7302-d651-a10b-d564a5627852/about 4) Must have the hunt prim out as well as your hint giver and poster 5) You must provide a hint and picture before you will be placed in the hunt. 6) Hunt gift needs to stay within theme. 7) Any incomplete applications will not be approved. Please drop application at designated mailbox at Event Office Thank you, Cajuntease Resident
  8. EXMACHINA Former Egoisme is seeking for the follow professional people, if you like to work with a dinamic team this is the right place! HIRING SCRIPTERS: professional scripters ready for long terms projects, and to work in team. HIRING MANAGERS: need to know how to market on social media and market to bring traffic at the store. HIRING MESH DESIGNERS: expert in 3D design must be able to work for long term projects and in team. Please fill the form to submit your curriculum: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeF7CV1UNXWO3mQvFdoM52GzwWBOu7qTJ94mS-y0ALV_Nlg_A/viewform For more informations feel free to send an im to me Ramses Meredith or to ryantailor resident
  9. Be part of our creative team today! We are a newly founded constructing company and currently recruiting for various positions such as builders, mesh artists, interior/exterior designers etc. We seek creative ,passionate and trustworthy people to team up with. For more info comment below with the position you are interested in, contact via Email at arkcreationscons@gmail.com or send a notecard inworld to Dita Southmoor , Tileei Resident and Mayadarata Resident. You can also visit us http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Montlaur/208/11/50
  10. Be part of ~Ark Creations~ team, today! At Ark Creations, we are a new company offering our select SL clientele personalised full home/business design and build services, including everything from landscape design to furniture design and build. If you have a creative spirit with high quality standards to offer to our clients then dont hesitate to make the first step and be part of Ark staff. For further info or CV contact via notecard with Mayadarata Resident and Dita southmoor inworld. Email : ditasouthmoor@gmail.com or visit as at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Acacia Falls/77/247/29
  11. We would like to invite all designers to 12 Days of Christmas, a special event just for the lead up to Christmas! The event will run from 13 December, 2017 until 25 December, 2017 midnight. 12 Days of Christmas is a once off event in which customers will be able to come to one location to pick up 1L items from designers around the grid. Designers will be required to provide at least one male and female gift or one unisex with no theme requirements. Gifts will be packaged and sold for 1L, and you may create more than one if you would like. We ask that you also send us a full perm vendor of your items so we can use this in promotional materials and social media. There is no fee to join, however, participants are expected to share event in VIP groups as well as on social media. You will need to supply one male and one female gift or one unisex gift for the duration of the event at 1L. If you would like to participate in 12 Days of Christmas, please fill out the very short form by clicking the link below. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdpS0uQAd3tQS6zMfBVljdJg5ncpriRDcxdc2PgvTijAjAGVA/viewform
  12. ULTRA Event is an incredible monthly event featuring about 50 top Second Life creators & designers with additional elite shopping boutiques U L T R A™ Event is the essential one stop luxury resource. VISIT ULTRA EVENT
  13. ????? ? ?? ?????? ????? ????? ????!!! Saturday, Oct 7th-28th Sponsored By: D.U.S.T,LB,Vengeful,Ghostyss,Evhah,Sexy Princess. 25+ DESIGNERS | EXCLUSIVE ITEMS|GIFTS Stay Up to Date on FB: https://www.facebook.com/SavoirFaireEventSL/ Our Website: https://savoirfaireevents2.wixsite.com/savoirfaireeventsl (Shopping Guide inside) Ride:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Detroit%20Star%20City/208/29/806
  14. Hi I have an upcoming shopping/exhibition event and party to celebrate my dog's birthday. So, if any photographer or designer wishes to participate in and sponsor the exhibition event, then IM me inworld for more info or fill this form to participate: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdR5iGTKCW6aYLtPsHLlHpd3keAj7g4Fvq1QfO2j202jKrT1Q/viewform Thanks for reading!
  15. Hi We have an upcoming entertainment event with lots of exposure If you are a content creator in SL and looking to participate in an event, then drop me a notecard inworld for all info
  16. In early 2018 I will be launching a brand new store called D&B (Duke & Beary). It will be a high-end mall and will feature designers from all over the metaverse. I am looking for designers who may be interested in renting a space. The rental fee will be 400L a month for a store front in the new mall. I am also seeking investors. Please reply to this post, or send me an offline IM and I will get back to you asap.
  17. TRUNK SHOW F/W 2017/2018 Dates Retail opens Sept. 23rd 2017 Shows will be on Sept. 30th & Oct 1st 2017 Retail area closes Oct 6th 2017 THEME for event: a·près-ski { social activity (as at a ski lodge) after a day's skiing snowboarding or other winter activities} Package 1 - 4 items, 2k linden Package 2- 6 items , 4k linden Package 3 - 8 items - 8k linden*will have items in multiple shows* * You must have at least 2 exclusive items.Items do not have to be original mesh. - Retail space is open one week prior to the fashion show. - Retail space prim allotment is 1 prim per item you are putting into the event plus 10 for decoration. Please pay catwalkpayments resident and send a transaction notecard to vanessadelrio underwood for record purposes. This is a retail event not a just a fashion show. However, there will be a fashion weekend to showcase your designs. - you must send items to be blogged to the group 1-2 weeks prior to the retail opening for maximum exposure for your work via blogging and social media. ** You will be added to the designer group upon payment*** TO APPLY ONINE: https://www.catwalk-sl.info/trunk-show-designer-application
  18. Now is it wrong of me to send a note card to a designer/vendor asking if it was possible to get an updated version of a purchased product? Is it being a nuisance to wait another month, without reply and send a second note? Am I being a troll by seeing the designer/vendor at an in world location and sending them an IM,which was not replied to? Did I go to far by asking this person to please respond a few times then getting muted? Did I abuse the review system by purchasing their demos and leaving a review warning people that this designer/vendor has poor costumer service and is non responsive to simple inquiries? Am I such a monster that my reviews where flagged and I can no longer leave reviews for any vendor I buy from? Can anyone answer these questions honestly? I'm baffled by this designer/vendors behavior. Instead of responding to a simple request, they turn it into a huge feud that doesn't hurt me at all, as I will only spend my money elsewhere. However for them they lose one customer and and maybe more when the story gets out to others, and they see how unreasonable the designer/vendor is being.
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