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  1. A little view from my home, I'm so in love with it and how everything fits perfectly ♥
  2. Hey Quartz, problem solved already! Thank you so much !♥
  3. Tried that and I left clicked it for over a minute and nothing happens besides this one message: [08:08] LH - Stilt Houses - OW: Initializing ... Please wait 30 seconds before interacting with your new home. and nothing happens with the house controller But thank you for the tip!
  4. Just got my home in a very cool spot but no house there. Opened a ticket and let's hope I get to move in before 2021! If not then I'll set up a tent and a campfire!
  5. I believe it is the one! And tbh I'm quite surprised because I've spent quite a time on laptop trying to get a home, I even tried the browser refreshing thing and nothing and now I just logged in, checked if it there was any available and it was there, so now just keep hopes up, you'll get one too 😊
  6. I got a houseboat like 5 min ago, been trying for weeks and the funny part is that I'm on my phone and and it's quite slow to load and still I managed to get it!
  7. deletd -solved
  8. Hello folks! So I don't know if this is the right place to post it but anyways.... So yesterday I saw this girl with an killer outfit (imho) and I didn't had the courage to ask her where's that was from, since her profile was full of "don'ts". So maybe I could get some help on finding it? Yeah mission impossible I know.. I've been searching on marketplace and nothing. But anyways, the outfit was a white transparent pencil skirt, white hotpants under it and a white croptop. All very good quality. So if any shopaholic could give a helping hand, I would be forever grateful.
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