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  1. Thank you so much, this has been very helpfull, everyone on here has been so great! I really appreciate it!
  2. Very beautiful! I love the mesh-jedi code! I don't want to be dropping big bucks on something that I cant even try, thank you!
  3. I completely understand, this is a very frequently asked question!
  4. I think I remember that blog as well, and Yes customizing it is a concern, I don't want to have the exact same body as a million other girls haha!
  5. Thank you, I feel like such an idiot asking all these questions even though i've been on this site since 2009 haha! I will check out the slink hourglass, i've heard great things, same with isis
  6. Currently I have the Lena Lush, I can't find as much clothing to go with it, so I am looking for one that is curvy and sexy, but also has a lot of options for clothing. I am not very knowledgeable in the mesh world, sorry.
  7. Hi I am looking for opinions on what is the best mesh body, I have a couple, but I am looking for a new one, I am kind of looking for one that is sexy as I do a lot of club dancing. Thank you!
  8. You're completely right, thank you, I've been playing around with different images, just using this one as a filler, thank you though I appreciate it
  9. Are you a new club looking to get the party started, but are having trouble getting people in the club? Then I am your girl. This is not a host position, I will interact with guests, hosts and dj's and keep the party going, I will wear your group tag and help make your club a more interactive space! For more information please feel free to message me in world at Cookieiloveu22 Fang, I would love to help make your club the best club in second life! Please feel free to comment on this listing, especially if it is posted in the wrong forum, thank you!
  10. Hello, I know this is probably going to sound like a dumb topic. But nothing in my viewer is properly loading, everything is gray, my avitar loads perfectly, but almost nothing else loads...is there any way to fix this, I've tried both the second life viewer and the alchemy viewer.
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