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Found 14 results

  1. Schutzjr

    Nube naranja

    Hola comunidad. Llevo unos días entrando a SL y no me carga absolutamente nada, los primeros días me cargaba solamente la cabeza, después ya no, después empezaba a ver partes de los mapas de la cabeza y los huds a la mitad o en dispersión. Hoy en día vuelvo a entrar y ya soy una nube naranja completamente, los huds ya ni siquiera me cargan, ni son visibles. Intente hacer el troubleshooting de el avatar masculino default de sl, lo puedo ver pero a la hora de ponerle mi mesh vuelve a desaparecer. ¿Saben alguna solución y la razón de esto?
  2. Looking for a region that will be abandoned so I can put it in my picks and have it display "Loading..." I have other things I want to put in my picks that probably shouldn't be affiliated with anything. Feel free to contact me privately, if you wish. Thanks!
  3. Hi! ...Okay, I have tried this post in the regular wanted section and somehow it got moved to the answer section... but I didn't see this particular part of the forum until now... and I'm thinking my request might work better here... ? If you are thinking of abandoning your sim, or know anyone who is, pretty please let me know. My goal is to add a place in my profile picks section, that will eventually turn into a "Loading..."? I promise I am not trying to be rude or anything... I just think it's cool to have that "Loading..." feature in the picks because, if I really like a place... I put it in my blog, and then I put links in that "Loading..." profile spot to the different blog posts about MANY different places - not just 10! I put all the proper pix and links and descriptions + more stuff like Destination Guide stuff in the blog posts (the picks section is limited on how many characters you can put in there, a blog isn't). And truth be told, the "Loading..." thing is personal... it makes me feel like I present myself as well traveled and, well, old, like my account is ...Because the current 2 "Loading..." spots I have in there now are actually from places I loved back in the day, that are unfortunately gone now. I realize half the fun is finding these places by myself... but I was just curious if anyone else was on the same wavelength and would be willing to help me out. Just an idea - In return, I would be willing to make a special link to my blog about you and/or your place and how you helped me out with this odd request, if you would like. ...So that way, if it's a case of something like you needing to leave SL, but wanting your awesomeness to be immortalized, I promise I will be good and tell ppl about you. ...And BTW, for the record, one of my current "Loading..." places was this awesome Africa place where you could see animals and play drums. I had no idea that it was even possible for a place to disappear from SL back then, otherwise, I would have more information to share with you now. Thank you!
  4. Looking for a region that will be abandoned so I can put it in my picks and have it eventually display "Loading..." as the destination. Feel free to contact me privately, if you wish. Thanks!
  5. Hi all, I was curious if there was any way to possibly predict a land that may become "Loading..." when I add it to my profile picks section. I'm assuming this happens when LL drops or moves the region? I know it may sound stupid at first, but I would really like to put it in my picks and have the "Loading..." eventually shown, so I may customize that pick to whatever I wish to put in there, and not trouble affiliating a place with something completely unrelated. Thanks!
  6. Hello! A question about full lenght songs. Why do some sound files start to play faster than others? I use the usual music player, but I have to wait for the song to be loaded. Some songs are played almost immediately, others have to wait. And does not depend on that for the first or the tenth time I listen to the song. On what does it depend? Any help please! Thanks!
  7. Hello! I have a question. Whether it is possible to accelerate loading of the next regions on a mini map. I play at a low settings and a small drawing range. So the mini map helps me a lot. The fact is that when I'm flying on an airplane or sailing on a boat, neighboring regions are appearing very slowly. in most cases they become visible on "radar" only when I approach the border. But I would like to know in advance what lies ahead of me, because I often crash into the shore. It's not very convenient to open the map of the world every time, especially at high speed. Thanks for any help! P.S. By the way, how many regions can show a mini map at the same time?
  8. Hello, I need your help. I just created an account and deleted the official viewer for Linux. I log in (login) and up there all right, but in the loading screen the dice connect the region and it closes. I leave a fragment of what is read in the console: 2017-12-08T02: 56: 55Z INFORMATION: print: *************** SURNAME OF CALL END OF LL *************** 2017-12-08T02: 56: 55Z INFO: handleViewerCrash: lock marker file created /home/abraham/.secondlife/logs/SecondLife.error_marker 2017-12-08T02: 56: 55Z INFO: writeDebugInfo: opening debug file /home/abraham/.secondlife/logs/dump-76e39617-a589-409b-a712-485ca525d991//dynamic_debug_info.log ./secondlife: line 138: 1845 Segment violation $ LL_WRAPPER bin / do-not-directly-run-secondlife-bin "$ {ARGS [@]}" *** bad closing ($ LL_RUN_ERR). *** ********************************************** ***** This is a BETA version of the Second Life Linux client. Thanks for trying! Please read README-linux.txt before reporting problems.
  9. So I had my computer fixed recently which required a full reinstall of windows 10, new mother board, new chip, etc. When I reinstalled Firestormx64 I noticed that no matter how long I stayed logged in, only bits and pieces would load in. Parts of my outfit, the eyes and ears on other avatars, sometimes the ground would load or the prims on the ground would load, but it doesn't finish. I've tried a clean reinstall, I removed all the folders, used the uninstaller, killed firestorms family, sold its children into slavery and kicked its dog, salted the earth, etc. Fresh installation did the same thing, so I tried going back to an older version to see if that fixed it and no, same issue. I have tried installing the x32 version even though I am on a 64 bit version of windows, and it seems to do better, but it crashed my computer and forced a restart the first time, then it soft crashed to the desktop saying 'Failed to load vertex" Or something, which was the first time I had seen that particular error. Hoping that someone has seen this and knows what the solution is...
  10. Good day, Since the beginning of this year, whenever i come to Second Life more than 30 minutes, i get disconnected whenever i try to move to another Sim : the loading screen for teleportation never manage to contact the region i'm aiming for and then i'm disconnected from all servers. What is surprinsing, is the fact that if i don't move from the sim i'm standing, i can still talk to other people, interact with object, share items with others people in chat, etc. I noticed the same problem with the marketplace : after 20 minutes, whenever i try to buy something on the marketplace, the item never reach me. I have to go offline, then come back to see the item in my inventory. It's like i'm being trapped each 20 minutes and it is quite frustrating. If someone share the same issue or know a way to clear this problem, please, my SL experience is falling apart bit by bit these days. Regards.
  11. Hello everyone! I have a rather strange issue here, I can load youtube or any other page on my tv and play videos on it, but some videos (more specifically my OWN videos on youtube) never load. I just get the loading symbol stuck while the audio plays with no problem. So the video does load and everything, but the images are not there, just the loading symbol stuck in the middle of the screen. And the weird thing is that it only happens to the videos I have uploaded Any ideas? Thank you
  12. I have been having this issue now for over a week and I dont know what else to do. I have rezzed, my items and other items from other creators and i still get the same issue, its says loading contents, but never does :(. When I try to either open or to load. I have, restarted the sim, I have cleared my cache, I have clean uninstalled, both FireStorm and the SL viewer, I have tried going to another sim, I have tried shutting down my pc and rebooting my internet, and none of these things fixed the situation. HELP!!!
  13. Hello, I know this is probably going to sound like a dumb topic. But nothing in my viewer is properly loading, everything is gray, my avitar loads perfectly, but almost nothing else loads...is there any way to fix this, I've tried both the second life viewer and the alchemy viewer.
  14. I updated Nvidia drivers yesterday to v381.65. I have a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 model and now all versions of SL are not even able to open. I read I needed to update to the newest Windows 10 Creators update which I did do, still not able to even load SL. I am now trying to roll back to an older driver but trying to find an old driver for them is like pulling teeth. So others might be having this issue. I hope and would appreciate any suggestions you might have to help. Thanks in advance. I've never ever had an issue in all my years playing SL in not being able to even load SL on all versions, so very frustrating. Windows 10 64 bit version. Vamerya Vallejo.
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