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  1. i use firestorm viewer 64. when i teleport (or fly, or work) to a certain parcel, grund level, i crash. at the same sim, other spots on the ground are ok. that parcel, tho, where is the forced tp route of a rp sim, makes my viewer crash no matter if i move or not, if it is crowded or empty, or if my internet rocks or pants. i crash no matter. anyone has a clue? thank you.
  2. Kailyr

    unknown hair

    i would like to know where this hair is from. anyone has or knows it? https://gyazo.com/d2ab4bcb6e4fd611dccc6e6c99ba8f53 or, different colour: https://gyazo.com/657f5ed027d3f96897a8912a4a0df4cd it isnt: truth-calico-magica-nomatch-ayashi-limerence-elikatira-exess-analog-
  3. and of course, not even a sorry reply. some people, like you, are just rude and unpolite
  4. If the name of the sim is Tranquillity, good job you did. i was renting there and lost my home my shop and 3 weeks of paid tier. thank you so much for evicting and banning me with not even a "die" IM.
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