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  1. Have a petition, fine... promote on your discord, website and forums etc but please stop ramming it down peoples throats by pushing it out via the Peanut#9 NEWS/UPDATE. Logged into to TWO of these within a couple of minutes of each other: [04:43] AO: Last Friday I started a petition where I'm asking Linden Research, Inc. and Tilia Inc. to consider lowering or waiving fees during the COVID-19 crisis. As this isn't getting the momentum I had hoped for, I've decided to also open a topic on the official forums. Please take a moment of your time to read and comment. Thank you. -link to t
  2. You're a star! I've have a poke and give it a try. Thanks <3
  3. Hi all. I'm really stuck here, hope you lovely people can help! ❤️ After initially being touched to turn it green, I'd like to be able to not only PREVENT the object from running the timer again when touched but also show how minutes are remaining via llSay or llDialog. Any hints and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! default { touch_start(integer detected) { llSetTimerEvent(300); // 5 mins (300 seconds) llSetLinkColor(LINK_SET, <0.180, 0.800, 0.251>, ALL_SIDES); // green } timer() { llSetTimerE
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