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  1. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tohoku/138/218/30 <-- to come and have a look at the school area
  2. The School of Tohoku Hokkai Academy finally up and has dorms
  3. I am more focused on the uniform clothing more then the additions for the moment. But since you mentioned it, i would like to move further into it once the biggest hurdle of getting them designed fully and passed out is done. Anyone who accepts will be working on many body types as our patrons do come in all forms. But our main body type on sim is Kemono / Kuroo /Maitreya . IF you have these types then we got a go already. To give a full view of it the uniform is still being debated on but we are looking for a person willing and have the skill to do it while we finish up the design and be fully happy with it.
  4. Well I am looking for some cute plushies to be made for me. I am looking for a certain type but i am open to all design forms so please have a example ready for me to see it and possible price we can discuss. This topic will always be open cause i would like many types in world contact in > zamiecat <.
  5. Hi, I am looking to hire a person to make a uniform for a school under construction. The body types may be many depending on who wanted to rp so if your able to work with that your hired already. So just contact me in world if you don't hear from me here I go by zamiecat also inworld.
  6. Modern Japanese town located on the northern west coast of Japan. Anime inspired Role-play with balanced RP .Police, Fire station, Ryokan, Shinto Shrine, School, Arcade, Beach Yokai Forest, lounge and Rentals. You don't have to be a hard core role-player to be there or roleplay at all. There are many things available to enjoy along with just the atmosphere. The Owner and the builders take pride and trying to keep the look as close as possible in theme so this area is great for people who also enjoy taking photo's. There are fun IC (in character) events that take place and some more enjoyed in OOC (out of character). So don't be shy to visit very welcoming and inclusive. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tohoku/141/162/2026 A Rated
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