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  1. Yeah sorry for the late reply, sim has closed for now while RL gets sorted.
  2. Just hoping that this isn't the money grubbing, run it into the ground and throw it away when it doesn't work kind of investment group. 👀
  3. I had no idea this was frown upon, as others have said though it simply doesn't happen because sims rarely turn a profit.
  4. Most combat systems are buggy/laggy, and quite a few that RP in SL don't actually have gaming computers so they can't handle fast paced movement etc. There are lots of other games that are good alternatives for combat +roleplay such as Conan Exiles, ESO, Black Desert, Dark and Light to name a few.
  5. There really isn't much 'role play' discussion going on in the role playing section, and the few times it does it tends to turn into a mud slinging contest (normally topics concerning para vs single line, typing speed etc). The majority of posts if you go through each page is someone either advertising a place, seeking a place or looking to start a place.
  6. Would it not be possible to just get a sub forum added to the role playing section for advertising. Be it sharing a sim (favorite destinations) or seeking staff for IC positions (in-world hiring) the very core of it is for role play.
  7. I'm honestly not sure, going back through the various pages of posts there are a number of roleplaying groups advertising their sims, not to mention a few posts of people looking for others to put up funds to start RP sims. If anything there needs to be a sticky topic in the roleplaying forum that says if you are looking for roleplaying sims or wanting to advertise them then please visit the favorite destination section and be sure to use a roleplay tag for the post.
  8. It did seem weird that it was removed considering I can count six other sims advertising at a glance from this past month alone. There are even more duplicate posts from their sims advertising various services offered etc, personally I don't see why these types of posts wouldn't be there considering the majority of posts on that forum are people seeking RP places, it's rare that a general discussion about role playing ever pops up that isn't related to any sim in particular.
  9. Asked if I can make videos on Sansar, I got the OK on twitter now that it's in beta.
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