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  1. Hello, there...you may want to update the pictures as they are not visible, greetings.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm sorry for not updating you, I've been working very hard to learn how to do all these new things that SL has to offer now. I do not longer have the look of the girl in the picture, since I decided to have a more realistic avatar. However, I did use the the shape of the product to have inspiration of a real cute looking girl and at the same time look realistic and then modified it. The revelation is below 🥰 I remember when I've entered this world for the first time long time ago, my computer couldn't even load the terrain...avatars were gray, I did the best I
  3. Yeah, sure, I attached the picture of it and here's the direct link: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/sp-sasha-femboy-female-skin-shape/14105116 Not this one, but other demo came with a note saying this: Hi! Make sure you have your OMEGA relay HUDs attached or bodies OMEGA activated. These skins ONLY use omega for Catwa, Slink, Maitreya, V-Tech, and Belleza. Make sure you have the absolute newest updates for your mesh body! Hopefully, that helps u.u I will be so looking forward to meeting you, this thing has me stressed to be honest, I sent you an
  4. Hello there...so, basically I've returned to SL after like 7 years and I'm really lost with all this...bento, catwa, omega, v-teck etc etc etc... I have read some posts and guides on the net, but I don't really get them...I thought about stop getting into, but I won't give up without trying... I was wondering if somebody could help me in-world...basically I just want to show the skin/shape I want to use and receive guidance on what to buy in order to wear them, that's it... Hopefully somebody can assist me with this, Thanks
  5. Hola a todos, basicamente estoy retornando despues de mucho tiempo y pues me encuentro con...Meitraya o como se escriba, bento, mesh, omega y un montón de cosas que ha sido tan abrumador que pensé en desinstalar...pero no me quiero rendir, quiero intentarlo. Lastimosamente a diferencia de otros, me cuesta mucho entender lo que he leido acerca de todo esto y me preguntaba si alguien podria ayudarme con este tema in-world, no por medio del foro porque de verdad esta siendo frustrante. Muchas gracias.
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