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  1. Hi! I am not that much of a serious RPer myself but I really like living in the family community/town type places. Right now I have a small cabin in the town of Cedar Creek, just by myself. I was thinking that it might make sense and be much more fun to have a roomie to live with. I would love to stay in Cedar Creek, though I would be open to other similar family communities if the person or family lives somewhere else. Ideally I am looking for either another single person, friends, or a family, that already has a house but has a bit more space than they can use and would be interested in having another person move in. Of course I would expect to help with a fair share of the rent. If it happens to be a family with little kids I'm also happy to baby sit when I'm around! If anyone thinks they might be interested please let me know and we can see if we get along!
  2. I’m usually always happy to chat! If you like, say hi any time
  3. In SL I tend to end up in the same situation. I'm always looking out for new girlfriends to chat with!
  4. Hi! I’m Becky from northeast US. I like lots of different things in SL but even though I can be a somewhat quiet person in a crowd, chatting is still one of my fave things to do in SL. So, if anyone wants someone to say hey to, I’m always up for meeting someone new!
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