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  1. Dont Know - Not Computer Tech But i Know that when i select from the Options in the Language Menu in MP The option is Listed there and the displayed Language. Just want it to Default to English.
  2. I know this is an Old Post, But i was doing some research on the topic as it recently came up as an issue on a Sim that i work - On Reviewing the TOS and a variety of other Blogs and Post i found this interesting Snippet What are Linden Lab's policies towards Child Avatars? The only material in the Linden Labs Terms of Service pertaining to child avatars is found in section 6.3(viii) of the Terms of Service. This prohibits sexualized situations involving child avatars, also known as "*****." This is further detailed in the ***** Policy, found here: Linden Lab Official:Clarification of policy disallowing *****. At this time, there is no other content in the ToS pertaining to child avatars, such as prohibitions on general use, violent or graphic content, or language. Policies towards child avatars are largely focused on the actions of the avatars, not the avatars themselves. Child avatars are allowed within Second Life. A child avatar, even within a mature or adult region (but not participating in adult (in this case, sexual) ) activities is allowed. A child avatar is allowed do everything any other avatar is... Note that child avatars are allowed on PG, Mature, and even Adult public parcels, provided with the latter that they are adult verified. Note that this does not necessarily apply to private parcels where one has the option to eject or ban as desired. The allowance of child avatars on adult rated land such as Zindra does not invalidate any of the above rules. This was Located under the Title of - What are Linden Lab's policies towards Child Avatars - In the SL Wiki There is a lot more, this is basically the Highlights in that section I hope this is Helpful to People Ok The Post blanked out some of the Text - Didnt know it would do that "*****." = Age Play
  3. First thing i tried Next time i loaded, loaded all the Cookies and stuff again - Same Issue - I am Thinking there is something i am Missing in the MP Settings..
  4. This May sound a Trivial Thing, But it is Becoming Increasingly Annoying On The MP, In the Language Settings, i have Set to English, however the MP keeps Going to Some language i never even Heard of called Indomeia or some such. I go and Select back to english and it goes back to English, but as a Translation of the other page. If i move to Next page, It is back to Indomeia again - And So on. In Settings i have it Set for English (Not Default) - So How do i Set it so that it remains in English??
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