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  1. steph I would appreciate it if you would read the entire article and see what it is that I offer before disagreeing. The idea here is to prevent someone from clicking a menu option that might lead them to think it is still active. My solution to this has not caused anyone offense to date. What is irritating is restating what is already covered above.
  2. Yeah I'm so not going there lol, what I will do is calculate the 10m from the pos of the player and then maybe send shorter and shorter ranged pings from the players' attachment of particles to the edge of where they could move. That is far less work and easily updated with the getpos of the player versus the starting pos, rounding the float to a whole and changing the PSYS_PART_MAX_AGE.
  3. That is the issue, not everyone has that right. Is there a way then to have an object "attached" that can remain in a position "move itself from the player" or anything that could be used as a work around this? I could just a easily rez an object with the boundaries i desire but im attempting to find a non-rez solution to this. I guess i thought particles was my solve. There is no way to offset particles emissions from the object to a vector or anything like that?
  4. Perhaps it is in multiple parts but all I really desire is: a ring of particles from the players start position to continue emitting the exact 10m, until the move within the particles range which is fixed is completed. So instead of Emitting a large ring of pulsing particles that will visualize the boundary of 10 meters around the avatar. What you are suggesting is that I instead emit a single particle 10m large that shows the boundary and give it a long life. My issue then is what if I move a few feet and then need for the boundary to turn off? I will
  5. As someone who picked up LSL in the last 2 years when I rezzed in. Have something you desire to make happen. A bouncy ball that if an avatar touches it plays a sound and dies. Literally, anything that gets your creative scripting juices flowing. The passion to make things happen in SL is what will fuel your curiosity to discover the means. If all else fails there is a wonderful community of intelligent passionate scripters who are willing to set you in the right direction. // " That's what I'm saying, quote unquote, and you can quote me on the quote unquote - Dane Cook "
  6. I thought about this, making the particles very slowly move to the 10m meter mark (for example) but then the player does not have an immediate circumference to move within. They would have to wait for them to reach their endpoint which might take a while. Perhaps using PSYS_SRC_PATTERN might not be the right choice I'm just not sure... Without rezzing another object on the sim... this is what I would love to know if this is even possible at present.
  7. Someone else might come upon this such as yourself i've learned a lot from necro posts
  8. Greetings, I have a project in which a Particle is to be emitted showing a bounding box. Desire to have particles emitted from an attached object and give a "range" for the player to set forth upon. Can easily determine the start point as the players getPos but when I begin to emit the particles, they move with the player. Want them to not leave the origin of emission. Would like to know if this is possible. Thank you all the brilliant minds out there that have answered so many of my questions here on these forums ❤️
  9. Alternatively, after the time ends which you would like to have the player have selected, bring up a Menu Dialog box on that same channel with info replacing it such as "Menu Has Timed Out" with only one listed button "Close" before you move onto the next step. This way the Menu is not available any longer at least and the one remaining is a moot one.
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