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  1. yep that was it, thank you
  2. We are open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, we are Hiring hip-hop, EDM, Electronic, Trance, Trap, Reggaeton, and International DJs that live mix, we are not looking for country DJs. Come join the team. If you have any questions at all, please contact Alexa (alexa.morningstar) or DJ George (nanazue). Apply here: Application for DJs & Hosts
  3. ok so i'm on firestorm, whenever i type ***** it changes to *CENSORED* in local chat. why?? Others can say it but not me, its like that everywhere. how do i change it
  4. I just want to be able to walk around anywhere n when someone gets close to me they can hear the music I'm streaming. Is there a way to do that? a device I can carry or something.
  5. hello, I've got no experience of doing this. if you are ok with me I'd like to try.
  6. if u still need someone, I can work for you but I don't have any experience you'll have to guide me a lil until I get the hang of it
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