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About Me

Found 14 results

  1. If you are interested in any of the above positions, please reach out to Stephanie Northman in-world or fill out the application linked below. Make it Perfect Application: https://tinyurl.com/wjluln4
  2. ♡♡If you love weddings, these jobs could be your perfect match♡♡ Wedding season is in full swing, and that means a whole lot of engaged couples are scurrying around to finalize arrangements for their big day. Want to share in their bliss and happy day? You could if you worked for a company that caters to the behemoth that is the wedding industry and is one of the number one choices for Second Life couples! ♡Wedding Planner/Coordinator: A wedding planner’s duties vary, from finding a venue for the ceremony to making sure the wedding party is dressed and ready on the big day. You will be the one that takes control and leads the team to ensure that everything is running on time and to the highest quality. Not only will you be a huge part of the couples planning and the day of, but you will be the one that knows everything about that wedding and ensuring that their day is as perfect as it can be. Working alongside management, you will do a consultation, rehearsal and the wedding day for every event! Obviously this is one of the most varied roles we have so a must is the ability to adjust, take responsibility and do it while wearing a poker face(Lady Gaga style!) is a must! (3 positions available) ♡ Photographer/Capturer of memories: As a photographer, you are one of the most creative parts of this business. You can see angles, beauty and Wind lights like no one else can and uses them to better your craft. Signing on to work with us, is not the end of your own business. We want to foster a relationship with you so you truly can have it all! A good Flickr, turn around time and positive, professional attitude is a must for this role as photos is a huge part of a couples wish list on the day of their wedding day - We allow our couples to choose the photographers that matches with their personal style best (3 positions available) ♡ DJ: We work with some of the best DJ's around SL - the DJ Hall of fame is definitely showed off here! Versatility, personality and the ability to be as professional as you can be while showing off your unique style is a big one here. You must be willing to voice and make announcements and work well within a team environment as well as independently (0 positions available) ♡ RP Servers: You can create an experience in text, show personality while ensuring that the client is able to take part in the Roleplay. Not only do you bring your "self" to any scenario, but you are flexible, roll with the punches and can Roleplay dinners or spa experiences (3 positions available) We believe in cross-training and will offer opportunities to all staff to keep training and learning other roles so they can earn while they learn as well as really become a part of the company. This is not like any other business. We will push and challenge you, we will believe in you, we will laugh and dance around and we will work hard to make sure you find your feet quickly and confidently. We do not just want a bunch of employees, we want this to be your home (that you leave sometimes to do other fun things!) Don't quite believe me? Get it straight from the horses mouth (Sorry Leona!): Ready to apply? Simply hit the link and join our version of chaos: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfkuP7BaEBAA9M4UvLPpFyH3ULe4YQP_B2LVw1SkLt-e7UQGw/viewform While the happy couple hears wedding bells, you hear the sweet sounds of a cash register—cha-ching!
  3. SL Weddings is not just about the I do's for the couple. It is about the experience they have with their co-ordinators, DJ's, officiants and Photographers. It is about the team that comes together to make sure every part of the day is as perfect as it can be while managing lag, login issues and the usual naked people walking down the aisle due to rezzing. Because no couple in Second Life is like any other, Serendipity Weddings is committed to building the best team that SL allows to ensure our couples not only get the best customer service, but for their wedding to be unique, customized and perfect for them. In saying this, we are now looking to find individuals that want to be part of our team. For some roles, we are more than willing to train from the ground up, for others, we need to see a knack for the creative: -Coordinators: You are the one that keep everything running smoothly on the day of the wedding. This includes potentially marching the groom down the aisle, keeping the bride from jumping on the back of the horse and making sure everything is picture perfect for our couples. You will know the ins and outs of everything wedding related for your couple, their music choices and getting the perfect photo's of their nuptials. You will be given full training for every part of their wedding preparation and paid per service you complete. The criteria for this role is adaptability, flexibility, reliability and a sense of humor. -Photographers: You will know angles and lighting, poses and props and the ability to edit your photos to a very high standard. Quick on your feet, you will be able to change poses to suit wedding parties and fill couple criteria with windlights. Working in a team, you will follow directions well and be able to communicate effectively when you have your shots or if you have any rezzing issues. You will be reliable and easy to work with and genuinely love taking photos. Your role is about creating memories of their special day that they will cherish going forward. You will be paid per edited photo and according to the package that the couple choose plus any extra's you sell personally. A good sense of humor and positive outlook is extremely important for this role. -Roleplay Servers: Being able to roleplay is a skill that comes in handy here. You must be able to create the feel of a real life experience through text, actions and voice here in Second Life. Working within our restaurant or serving drinks or dinner at a wedding, we want to ensure our guests enjoy their meals and experience with us. Full training will be provided, but you will need to be able to adapt and change up how you RP depending on different experiences. Paid per dinner, you also will keep 100% of your tips. -Officiant: Not only good with words, you will know how to write a ceremony that fits each couple perfectly. Whether it be handfasting, traditional, collaring or more creative, you will enjoy making the ceremony perfect while confidently delivering at every wedding. A great personality is needed here and someone who is organised, focussed and adaptable. Paid per wedding, you will have the opportunity to cross train in other roles as well! We are always adding more roles to what we are training for so we are looking to meet people who can add to our team and grow with us. If none of these above roles fit quite right, just send us an application and we can chat! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfkuP7BaEBAA9M4UvLPpFyH3ULe4YQP_B2LVw1SkLt-e7UQGw/viewform
  4. Officiates - Do you like to minister a wedding? We are looking for ministers, priests [for any International culture] or officiates who can do different types ceremonies. If you are interested, let's meet and discuss your role at Make It Perfect. Wedding Coordinators - Are you looking for a great team to work with? Are you looking for stability and a job in Second Life Job? Are you a people person and loves to be a part of someone's love story? We are looking for you. Yes, training will be provided upon hire. And the pay package will be discussed at the time of interview. For all the above positions, please send a notecard with your online time availability for interview to either GiaBlossom Resident or RainConner. I will get back with you and we can discuss the details further.
  5. Hello! All positions are PAID. Fee is negotiable/open. Willing to pay your rate for the right person(s). Contact Cade Lockwood (Cadeon Bayn) in-world if you're interested. DJ Willing to play anything and everything... pop, country, hip hop, weird stuff, etc. (...except Ed Sheeran, haha. The bride has threatened bodily harm to the groom otherwise.) Takes requests Able to voice for dedications Experience with weddings and the ceremony preferred (not a deal breaker) Required July 12th (rehearsal) and July 13th (big day) at 5:30pm SLT until 9pm-ish Fee: Open. Contact Cade Photographer Able to take candid photos smoothly with windlights and shadows during an event (we'll try to lower the scripts as much as possible, but having a system that can handle possible lag due to scripts and avatars would be best) Examples required via Flickr or inworld photos Required July 13th at 5:30pm SLT until 7pm-ish Fee: Open. Contact Cade Officiant Updated mesh avatar (you may be in some photos) Ability to RP and roll with the punches (it's not going to be your normal ceremony) No ceremony scripts necessary. That will be provided by couple (non religious). Experience preferred but by no means a deal breaker. Required July 13th at 5:30pm SLT until whenever the ceremony finishes. Fee: Open. Contact Cade
  6. "Make It Perfect - Weddings by Stephanie" is looking for officiates/ministers [preferably men]. If you are interested, please apply. We are willing to train as well upon hire. But all we need is commitment. We are also looking for a Texture Designer. Your work will involve texturing mesh templates [dresses or gowns] that will be given by our in-team mesh designer. If you are interested please send a notecard to either Stephanie Northman [Owner] or GiaBlossom Resident [General Manager] with possible time we can have a meeting. More details will be discussed at the time of meeting. See you!
  7. Make It Perfect Weddings & Events is looking for Creators Tattoo Designer / Texture Artist - Are you good at making tattoos? Or good with photoshop? Are you a designer who knows to make Omega appliers? We are looking for you. Animator - Yes we are looking for an animator. If you can create Bento animations too, that's a plus. Interested? Let's meet. Officiant - Do you love to be a part of the wedding and happily ever afters? We are looking for miniters for not just Christian weddings, but other lifestyles as well. Are you interested? Lets meet for an interview. If you are good at any of the above, please send a notecard with your available time and date for a meeting to either GiaBlossom [General Manager] or Stephanie Northman [Owner]
  8. Previously known as Weddings by Leona and Everlasting Weddings have now joined forces to create the newly branded "Serendipity Weddings". This means we are now able to offer customers bigger and better venues along with the amazing service they have gotten used to. But, with change, comes great responsibility and we do need to add to the current team to ensure we can keep up with customer bookings. Therefore, we are currently recruiting: -Coordinators - The eyes and ears of the company who work directly with our couples. You will essentially be working with your couples through their journey with us. We are not looking for someone with a ton of experience but you do need a sense of humor and a willingness to learn. We are looking for all time zones with majority of training happening in SLT time. This position is a paid per wedding segment situation and a lot of fun to work in for sure. -Officiants - Voice and text officiants needed who have the ability to learn to write their own ceremonies. All time zones are needed and we will train you and work with you to ensure you are fully equipped and ready to rumble. -DJ - As long as you do voice overs, listen and follow well and have a true love for weddings within SL, we will consider you to DJ for our weddings. Experience with weddings is preferred however. -Photographers - If you have a good background in Weddings within SL and a true eye for angles, we want to hear from you. Send us your Flickr Link and we will do the rest! -Party Planners - Why not become a party extraordinaire and join our team in planning and executing the perfect events! So you have a choice here, you can apply and join our epicness by contacting Rosalyn macarthur directly, OR you can click the link now and apply and we will contact you for an interview: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfkuP7BaEBAA9M4UvLPpFyH3ULe4YQP_B2LVw1SkLt-e7UQGw/viewform
  9. Weddings By Leona is a family owned company. While not joined by blood, anyone on our team is part of the family and valued and appreciated as such. We work together, party together and genuinely enjoy drinking Moscato together. SO how do you join, you may be asking...... We are recruiting now for new family members to join our team. Wedding Specialists are the face of our business, they ones that greet all customers, guide them towards the perfect venue and packages and ensures the client is well looked after and started on the wedding planning journey. With a pay rate of 50L an hour with commissions on all packages sold, you will choose your own schedule and work shifts with us. Why not apply and see what happens? Apply online at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfkuP7BaEBAA9M4UvLPpFyH3ULe4YQP_B2LVw1SkLt-e7UQGw/viewform You can also contact Rosalyn Macarthur inworld for more information!
  10. Everlasting Love Weddings just may be looking for you! Due to our growth thru an amazing updating of all services and products, we are more in demand than ever! We are looking for a few good Wedding coordinators to join our family! At ELW you can expect, not only fair pay but also fair treatment! We also allow any staff to sell packages if they so desire and earn substantial commission on those sales. We never ask you to work outside of your availability and are very flexible! you will choose your own schedule! Sound good? Here's what we look for : * A team player with a great personality *Reliable and trustworthy * At least 30 days old with a nice avatar * Comfortable business casual attire * Awesome people skills * Be able to voice on skype during the interview and during weddings Hiring for the following positions: Wedding Coordinators Dj's Photographers Is that you? Please fill out our online application and someone will be in touch with you ASAP! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfFhbrzHJUkwnvle-rMG4bx0X3tpLH2VDQZHimUZ1uw4gwtSQ/viewform
  11. Everlasting Love Weddings just may be looking for you! Due to our growth thru an amazing updating of all services and products, we are more in demand then ever! We are looking for a few good Wedding coordinators to join our family! At ELW you can expect, not only fair pay but also fair treatment! We also allow any staff to sell packages if they so desire and earn substantial commission on those sales. We never ask you to work outside of your availability and are very flexible! you will choose your own schedule! Sound good? Here's what we look for : * A team player with a great personality *Reliable and trustworthy * At least 30 days old with a nice avatar * Comfortable in business casual attire * Awesome people skills Is that you? Please fill out our online application and someone will be in touch with you ASAP! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfFhbrzHJUkwnvle-rMG4bx0X3tpLH2VDQZHimUZ1uw4gwtSQ/viewform Or Drop by our new sim ! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Angelle/164/49/23
  12. I'm a freelance wedding officiant not associated with any SL wedding venue. I also happen to be an angel. So yes you can now get married in SL by an angel so come fill your hearts with a small touch of heaven on your special day with your sweet heart. IM Me for my price rates please
  13. Aurora Weddings is now hiring for several positions! Wedding Coordinators Wedding DJs/Live Singers Receptionists Officiants Advertising Please contact beyonkah resident in world via note card to request an interview. Accounts must be at least 30 days old. Must be driven, self motivated, work well in both a team and solo, organized, and committed. All time zones welcome. Must be able to communicate efficiently in English. Training is provided! Note card should be titled "Aurora Weddings Interview Request (YOUR Legacy Name)" Inside the note card, please indicate which of the above positions you are interested in and the best day and time for your interview. You are encouraged to provide any past experience you have in your desired position or something similar. Thank you for your interest. Please allow up to 24 hours for reply. *This thread will not be checked*
  14. Everlasting Love Weddings & Latitude Landing Restaurant are HIRING! If you are a people person and want a fun loving, thankful job in Second Life, check us out. We are currently looking for the following: DJ Coordinator Greeter Officiant Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe4wkvqq0emDr8hscx2d8vd9SI3KuN0pRKfsoB5jQ0v2685Dw/viewform SL Url: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Everlasting/141/213/22
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