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  1. Hello! This is now the third time within a month that I get this message here, when I am trying to login. Not to mention the usual daily issues (and I am not the only one complaining) and surprises SL keeps in hold. Thank you for noticing, checking and hopefully solving soon. Regards JD
  2. Oh yay, for me it works again. Crossfingers 😀
  3. Yes maybe that takes again until they will notice it 😆
  4. Hello! Same here. After recently having rezzing issues, tp crashes and lag allover the place now the top of the pops, I can´t login anymore for any reason after I was online before and ended up crashing in a tp again and get the message "Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong". Congrats
  5. Yeah last time was sundays too, to the best time ?
  6. yeah second time today and not first time in the last few weeks, wonder what they are laborating and not even a status on the webpage ?
  7. Hi Moon Hasp, yes in addition I noticed that rezzing objects was not possible too and with every restart I am missing another part at my avatar. I made a ticket a Linden Lab about it. I tried as last instance to restart my router too, seems at least it is a bit faster with changing now. Maybe that was it but I keep an eye on it. Regards
  8. Hello Cindy, yes, the issue appears gridwide so far.
  9. Hello, since this morning I noticed serious problems to change premade outfits saved in appearances. It either takes age to change or won´t change in anyway and will be ignored. Only partial changes are possible via inventory. I use Firestorm latest release but seems it is not specifically there as it appears in the latest SL Viewer too. Some login issues i noticed too, as there are it takes sometimes ages to log in or it fails in between. I am located in Germany and had this issue in the past too as there had been login issues specifically for german users had been published and it took a long time until this was solved. And i speak not here about lag issues and other several issues that appears more and more on the grid. My internet connection cannot be the reason (fibre optics) and LAN neither the capabilities of my computer. Sorry to say but that sucks more and more and not only I make this experiences. Hope there is any hint how I can at least solve the actual issue with not being able to change any outfits properly. Thank you in advance and best regard JD
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