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  1. Do not show: Demo items doesn't work. I keep getting loads of demo's in list when looking for things to buy
  2. Problem solved. Everything is now working as it should. Thank you! :)
  3. Guess I'll have to wait till more MP sellers are affected by the listing error before something is done about it.
  4. Think I refered to it in my text. Still nothing done with the error 😞
  5. Been having the loggin-in issue for months but after recent update/fix I can finally get in on first try. Used to take me 3 before getting in. Noticed when VPN is enabled it is impossible to log in to SL.
  6. So it's been almost 3 weeks since LL sent my issue report to the technicians (25.11.) and a week ago they refered to it on their status page. "Identified - We've identified the issue and a fix is in progress." Ok. so maybe there are other SL users who been troubled by the same problem and know of a fix. At least knows what the cause of it is. Gyazo here is showing what happens when I try register an item in MP : Firestorm-Releasex64 - UndercoveragentLevy (gyazo.com) Getting this "The folder name failed to load. Refresh the paige to try again". If someone had this issue and did manage to fix it, please let me know what you had to do to get it work again. TY! BTW happens in extern browser tooo.
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