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  1. GerardGreen

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Reclining on a yacht
  2. Hello! Anybody to recommend a good and easy program for recording videos in SL?
  3. GerardGreen

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Alone on the desert road
  4. GerardGreen

    Help me find this skin, please

    Okay, thanks!
  5. GerardGreen

    Help me find this skin, please

    I was looking for tmp heads in internet and I found this picture. Im curious to know where can I get this skin.. somobody know?
  6. GerardGreen

    Male Mesh Head

    Thank you very much for the help! I will stick with your opinions, guys! Now I only need to save the other half of the money needed for Catwa Daniel Head.
  7. GerardGreen

    Male Mesh Head

    Hello, people! I have been thinking for a while of changing my standart SL head into mesh one. Ive been struggling between TMP and Catwa Daniel. I tried to find info about the TMP heads, but there is not much in internet and youtube, if anyone can give an opinion about this brand - are they good, is the difference between deluxe and the one which costs 1k only in the animations, do I get them with options about the face or I should buy them separately, can I change its shape...
  8. GerardGreen

    Kellenia, where are you?

    Hello! 3 months ago I met a very sweet girl. She was new to SL and we easily became friends. I so much liked spending time with her. I don't think she had any other friends as when she logged into SL it was only for 2-3 hours (European evening time) and we were always together. One day she disappeared without saying a word. I am curious and worried about her. I wrote her few messages but no respond. She always appears offline. I still have her in my friend list. Have anybody heard anything from her? I miss her so much.
  9. GerardGreen

    Looking for a rental

    I am searching for a home to live. If it is possible the allowed prims to be 50-100 and the prize also around 50-100L a week.