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  1. V91 is looking for Female Award holder/Presenter. (the young models that brings the award out to the winner, as you would see on BET, VH1, etc.. Award show. All you would need to do... is walk out with the award... hand it off to the Winner, wait for them to give thanks, and walk off stage. Dresses will be supplied by Event sponsor. For more info please inbox in world or stop by the SIM office. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gea%20Missing%20Link/41/177/24 Or call the RLife office for more info. at 646.580.8068 MrG Director of Events
  2. Hello and welcome to the 2017 V91 FASLT Awards Nomation Hall. Please stop by, and fill out this nomination notecard and be sure to include: 1) The nominee’s SL legacy name 2) The nominee’s current display name and 3) The nominee’s Group or Resident Key and 4) A texture of the Nominees. If you have any questions please feel free to IM Mistergea inworld, contact the FIRE91 RL office at 646.593.8913, or send an email to: thegradionetwork@gmail.com. Cast your Early Nomination TODAY..... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gea%20Missing%20Link/41/177/24 SAMPLE: 1. Best SL Grandmas Apple Pie 2. Nominee : Grandma G 3. Key: 8334d142-4a88-956d-a2b7-ddfe96d1e82e 4. Attached: grandma.png -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are the Categories for the 2017 V91 FASLT Awards. 3-17-2017 1. Best Clothing Designer Male/Female (Mesh Products) 2. Best Overall Sim Design or Parcel (RPlay - look and Function) 3. Best Venue (Dance, Party, Event) 4. Best Performer Male/Female 5. Best DJ Male/Female 6. Best LIVE Event Host Male/Female 7. Best SLife Radio Station 8. Best SLife OnLine Radio Host 9. Best Adult Dancer Male/Female 10. Best SLife Family 11. Best NOOB Spot 12. Best InWorld Store 13. Best SLife Fraternities and Sororities 14. Best SLife Bike or Car Club 15. Best SLife Spammer (Marketing Person) 16. Best SLife Video Show 17. Best SLife Talk Show 18. Best Slife Vehicle Designer 19. Best Slife Modeling Agency 20. Best Slife Mesh Body or Head 21. Best Slife LandLord (Person or Family) 22. Best RLife Charity on SLife 23. Best Slife Landscaper 24.Best Slife Church
  3. Thophy Models need for V91.8 2017 FASLT Award show. Inbox inworld for Detials. (mistergea) MrG
  4. Hey Sir I sent you a inworld Inbox... thanks again in advance.
  5. Are you new to Second Life.... have you been looking for a place to call home?... Do other Venues give you the cold shoulder cause you dont have 90 days in the game however you have 20 plus years as a DJ... Then please feel free to inbox us...
  6. What are you doing for NYE 2017?... Will you be in the house as the clock hits 12am Jan 1st 2017. If so please inbox. V91 is brining 2017 For al those.. That need a family to enjoy it with... Come Join V91, MrG, and the FRIE91 family... as they rings in the New Year Three times. Events kick of at 11am SLT. We will see you there. Host needed, DJ's needed.. Promoters needed. Sponsors needed... This is a give back to others that have less... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gea%20Missing%20Link/150/106/24
  7. We would be interested in having our radio station Host one of our talk shows. Thank you
  8. There are MANY People streaming around SecondLife. We all looking to find tune that for our own station needs. Do you stream your own Music? How would you like to be listed on the V91.8 DIrectory, and Offer your stream to SIM and Parcels. This is simple and free. Just supply us your Stream info (Shout or Ice Cast) along with your SL name and Stream name. And you are done. Please feel free to post your stream here or Email to thegradionetwork@gmail.com if you have question please feel free to call Customer srevice @ 646.580.8068 Jaivon Jackson The G Entertainment Group FIRE91.8 RADIO
  9. Are you a SPOKENWORD ARTIST..Spit Spoken Word Presents: Isles of Poetry is Looking you to perform Friday NOV 4th. There is space for 5 Poets. Please contact inWorld (Mistergea) MrG On Air Radio Host of V91.8 Radio for Bookings and to be added to the List. Please feel free to share, come by take a look at the New Venue, and Hit the Stage... Sets are 5-8 Mins Long. For Real World bookings contact 646.580.8068 Daily from 9am-9pm EST.
  10. Are you a DJ and Tired of CLUB SCENE.. V91 has Openings for Live on the GRID and in REAL WORLD... If you Want a change or looking for a home... Come out tomorrow 12pm SLT Oct 24 at the http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Plush%20Tau/158/97/22. We will see you tomorrow. Mistergea Director of program V91.8 - Fire91.8
  11. Have you every wanted to host your own Radio show?... Do you host a Radio show now... and Looking to expand your Audience to the SL GRID.. Then V91 has a place for you. We are looking for serious people...to become on air personalities, and Join the V91.8 Family. There is a open call 12pm SLT Tomorrow Oct 24 at the http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Plush%20Tau/158/97/22. We will see you tomorrow. Mistergea MrG Director of program V91.8 - Fire91.8 24 Programing
  12. Are you looking for a New Home? GOOD... Just under 4 weeks ago V91.8 and BBX Designs, gave away over 100K in Free Gifts, Yachts, Clubs, Jet Skis, Stores, Apartments... This time we are doing it bigger and Better. Join the V91.8 Groupand be entereted to win. Invite some one to the Group be entered again Attend the Event.. and Be Entered again For more info Please IM mistergea (MrG) Stop By BBX Design InWorld http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunny%20Bay/160/128/26 Stop By V91.8 Inword Studios: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Plush%20Tau/241/83/25 Good Luck to you all
  13. V91.8 is looking for male and females live on air radio host and Cohosst... and will be holding open audition this Saturday at the V91 Cruise Boat Studio. What: On Air Audtion When Saturday Oct 15th Where V91.8 Cruise Boat Studios Time: 9am - 5pm SLT Lengh: Audition are 30 Mins. For More Info IM mistergea (MrG) Inworld Mistergea MrG SL Facebook)
  14. RL Radio Station 91.8 Is Looking SLife streaming DJ to join its team. All DJs All Music welcome. Come Visit the Radio Staiton the Three Venues on Sight. IM with any questions and LM. mistergea (MrG)
  15. IM Sent V91.8 Radio SLIfe Virtual 91.8 Radio - http://v918.playtheradio.com Real Life FIRE 91.8 http://918radio.playtheradio.com
  16. Hello I tollay understand im right there with you. This is my second time on SL new account so I get that.. I have found a couple of nice places, one being the shelter. They welcome new comers and im around the same as as you, and the AV there are pretty cool.
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