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  1. First Time doing something like this. Hope everything went well. ^^
  2. I wasnt talking about inactive Account but deleted Accounts. You can delete your Account but it seems like they are still there like Ghosts and the Name will not be usable for otheres. And i also did not mean Accounts that are just a Year deleted but more then 2 Years. I think there was somewhere written on a side that you can still reopen an Account for a Year or so. (Paying a Fee for reopening it) But i am not sure wher i have read it and if its still true.
  3. So for slow ones like me; My next billing date is 1.1.2020. When i also pay for another Year between the 3rd and 24th my new billing date will be 1.1.2021? (confused since it always was only taked about Year 2020) Also about Groups. I may be totally wrong and People may throw Stones @ me, but would it not help to delete all the Accounts that have be deleted? I mean ... once upon a Time i had created an Account and had left Sl for a Year. I was stupid and did not now i do not have to delete it when i take a break from SL. So i did deleted that Account but that Name is still not aviabl
  4. Ok, i was able to logg in. Hope it work for you all too. Winx winx and have a scary spooky Time. ^^
  5. Why do you want to go out? But you can logg out through task manager. (if you really need to)
  6. Yes. I have patience ever since i cant really remember. lol I got a little fright thouggh after i just yesterday was chatting with a Linden Lab member about a Problem i had.
  7. Hi all. I have the same problem and can´t log in. (from germany) Since i am bored i thought making my debut here, after 10 Years of living in SL. Grid Status says No incidents reported today.
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