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  1. So it turned out my biggest problem was that the sake cups were "in" the table. They had appeared when I rezzed them, but I didn't know that because I couldn't see them. When I realized that might be a possibility, I moved the table, saw them, and deleted them both.
  2. They are not associated with the table, they are from sake cups that I realized are meant to be worn, not left on the table. They have drinking animations.
  3. No instructions or anything. I got it from a rental box.
  4. I've never even heard of land groups, so it looks like I have some work to do as soon as I hear back from my landlord!
  5. I've been trying to get in touch with the landlord for further instructions since Monday, both on how to open the doors, and how to furnish the place (my partner/alt can't put down the furniture I bought on that account). Is there any way to contact a user outside of the chat? Another user on this sim said my landlord is still active.
  6. I started renting a house in Little Yoshiwara yesterday. There is text near the house saying that I am the renter. And yet, when I try to go inside, I get a chat message from the doors saying "You must be a member to enter." What is happening here, and how can I fix it? It would be nice to have access to the house I paid for.
  7. I've noticed some Native American themed sims, and outfits in the SL store, but do you know of any RL Native Americans who are on SL? I'm not one myself but am curious.
  8. Hi, I got on the train to 1920s Berlin but it is not moving. How do I make it move?
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