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  1. Hi all, Is anyone renting a spare room in their house? Looking to rent a bedroom, preferably furnished, to use as a base, get changed in, relax, chat with friends in etc. Ideally in a house with a few people, male or female. I'm English, articulate, open minded, friendly, chilled..... I reckon I'd be a good house mate! Please drop me a note if you can help. Thanks very much! Alison. x
  2. Hi, I've joined Aero Golf Club which is a bit of fun. It would obviously be better though if I had a golfing buddy or buddies. I'm on the Aero Golf Club group but unfortunately it doesnt allow to me start a post on there, which would have been a good way to organise a round with other people. So, if anybody fancies a round sometime please drop me a line! Thanks, A. x
  3. Hello all, Any suggestions on where I can get a new job please? Preferably working in a bar or club. I have been working in the Monte Carlo Club, behind the bar. I loved it so much, and the $'s were very useful too. The club has very sadly closed down now, which socially is a shame, and also means I now don't have a job. Please, if anyone has any good recommendations, I'd be very grateful to hear from you. Thanks very much! Alison. x
  4. Hi, I'm interested in renting a room within a house. I have been looking at getting my own apartment, but I think I would rather rent a room within a house. I think it would be fun to be house mates with someone, preferably somewhere social, and of course hopefully it would be cheaper than renting an entire place just on my own. If anyone here is looking for a house mate or wants to rent a room out, please get in contact with me. Thanks very much! Alison. x
  5. Hi, I've just returned to SL after a long break. I'm very keen on doing some photography / modelling, so if you can help me with that, it would be great. Also into RP - am open to many different themes. Lets meet up in world and have a chat. Hope to see you soon! A. x
  6. Hi, I'm keen on doing some SL photography / modelling. I've taken a few pics, mainly in nice sceneries, in airplanes, on boats etc. but open to other ideas / suggestions. Lets meet up in world and have a chat. Hope to see you soon. A. x
  7. Hiya, I'm also just returning back to SL, after a break. Seems like all my previous Landmarks and friends have moved or disappeared! Would be good to meet up and explore together. I'm also keen on photography so we could find some new places to look at - there seem to be some stunning sceneries now. Hope to see you soon! A. x
  8. Hi, At last, somebody else from the UK! Welcome!! I'm back in SL after taking a long break. I'd be happy to meet up and show you around the place. A lot of the landmarks and frinds seem to have either moved or disappeared since I was on before, so I'll also be wandering around aimlessly looking for new places. I'll look out for you when I'm onlin next, and we can try and meet up. See ya! A. x
  9. Hi, I'm looking to rent a room somewhere. If you're still looking for a room mate, please drop me a line, and we can meet up. It would be good to chat about what you are looking for in a room mate, the do's & the don'ts etc etc! I like the idea of sharing a place with someone, so there's a bit more company, and scope for meeting new people, making new friends etc. Thanks! A. x
  10. Hi, Seems like there are a lot us "returners"! I'm just startring back after a break from SL, so woudl be good to meet up and explore and remember stuff together! I'll look out for you when I'm in the game. We should start a new group for "People that left, and now returned, and have no friends left anymore"!!! LOL. Hope to see you around soon. A, x
  11. Hi, I'm in a similar position. Happy to meet up and find new places together if you like? Most of my saved landmarks seem to have moved or disappeared since I left so I am now trying to work out where they have all gone!
  12. Hi, This sounds absolutely ideal. I'm coming to check it out. See ya soon!!!
  13. Hi, I'm looking for precisely the same thing. Your post was wording almost exactly as I was thinking. Please let me know if you find anywhere - perhaps we could soon be neighbours!
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