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  1. I have a friend who cant figure out how to do it herself. If she gives me permissions to edit her objects can I move her eyes? Is that possible?
  2. I know this is a late question to this thread, but does this apply to when we are "in world"? If I'm looking at someone's profile in world, will they know or is this only on the forums?
  3. Is there a limit? I see some have long profiles and was wondering.
  4. Tari, yes tysm for that link and the info that theres a group, because theres all these features that i dont know how to use. Really appreciate it.
  5. thanks for the answers. I joined in 2008 and never played. I just got back and if you read my other questions, you'll see im a noob. I just got firesttorm because everyone said it was better. :-) just wanted to say i had money in my acct because i didnt want it to seem like i was looking for people with money to give me. just wanted to know what this means.
  6. does anyone know what the little dollar signs mean when you look at people nearby? what is thte difference between 1 dollar sign and more or less. Are there 3 dollar signs? I have 2,000L in my account. What would it say for me?
  7. If the user is not online to receiive it immediately.
  8. I really like my AO but my eyes roll at certain times with it. I have a mesh body and Fate eyes. I think they are mesh eyes. The eyes are really nice when they arent doing that. Is there anything I can do? Would other eyes not do the same thing? oh and they also do that on some poseball animations.
  9. Thank you guys sooo much. If I turn off my AO, it worked great!
  10. I bought 2 poses from the marketplace and I get a little window that says play locally or in world. I choose in world and my avatar stays in the pose for about a minute and then she gets up. I chose the other one to play locally and she does the same thing. How can I make her stay in the pose longer? I read an SL tutorial about gestures but I couldnt understand where to put a pose that was already made and edit it.
  11. I know basic stuff about my inventory, like I see stuff that I buy from the marketplace goes to my received folder. Stuff that I buy inworld or receive from others goes to recent for a little while, but then it moves somewhere else by itself. I have a hard time scrolling through and located the clothing. Also, why do some purchases from stores get split up, and then Im really unsure of where to look. I apparently got freebie clothes with my TMP body but I cant find them. Sometimes the items with HUDS go to a different place...like the HUD is in one spot and the item is no where near it. The skins and makeup scatter away from the shapes, and the freebies that come with avatars are hard to find for me. i would love to learn to put all my shoes or dresses in their appropriate folder. I dont know how to move stuff into one folder. I DO know how to save an outfit once I get it on and want quick access to it, thank god! But its locating the stuff thats bothering me. :womansad: Inventory School?? anywhere?
  12. I dont know how to troubleshoot it. My face is still the same. But I had two sets of hands on and I was able to detach one pair of them, but my bare feet are seriously blocky unlike before. I wasnt having this problem last week when I was trying on mesh bodies, but this happened and I'm so frustrated now. My demo mesh bodies look like they are showing 2 skins even when my inventory shows Im wearing the alpha layer. The skin with demo mesh body on is splotchy. I dont know what to do next. My original avatar I chose was Kimberly. I think she is a classic avatar, but then I added a skin and shape from the same place and it was all working fine until I started demoing mesh bodies. The wrists and ankles are extremely blocky. I have her naked and she doesnt look the same at all. Please help!
  13. I really appreciate all the input I've received. As I was travelling around SL in the past few days I was playing with my system body and making it look great and I was able to try a mesh body on it just to see and it definitely made things rounder and smoother. I'm not into the ginormous boobs but I'd love to get a little more than a 40 on the slider and I got sort of square, so the mesh body boobs are great. We will see.
  14. I love the pics of these avatars! The cleavage looks like very nice skin and the faces look gorgeous! I do like to dress very skimpy in second life unless I'm wearing a long evening gown. heehee, but you've all given me good info and Im happy to know that not everybody uses the full mesh bodies. For now, I'm playing around with the new Elizabeth Avi to see how much more beautiful I can make her and my old avi has really nice tanned skin and a very curvy shape.
  15. OMG Talligirl. Thank you thank you so much for the pictures. You are gorgeous and thats what I wanted to see. I dont really feel like doing the mesh body because of all the appliers and do hickeys on my screen and I've been learning about them and I dont want to have my head hurt anymore. I thought that maybe because I had been away from Sl for a while that I needed to update to a mesh body, but I see thats not the case. I have some newbie questions about customizing a standard avi so I'm going to post another question soon. If anyone else has pics of their gorgeous standard avi's, please share them.
  16. Those images you showed are gorgeous in my opinion. Thats what Im looking for, and I see how the Maitreya and Belleza bodies have pretty boobs and curves. I'm wondering if you can get that look with regular skins and shapes if I shopped around without buying a mesh body. So those images are the standard avatar? And actually my terminology may be all wrong. I'm trying to explain the best I can so I can get a answer. You can consider me new. Im seeing mesh this and that everywhere so basically I'm wondering if I have to change my avatar to mesh to have a very pretty one.
  17. I'm not really new. I started second life in 2008-2010 and then I stopped. I had a really nice skin back then and shape but now I see Maitreya and Belleza, and although pretty, wow what a learning curve! I demo-ed them and they are really nice, but Im wondering if I can get a gorgeous avatar without going mesh? Cuz I like just right clicking and wearing. Or maybe just a mesh head. I love the catwa heads. Anyway. Any thoughts?
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