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  1. I'm still having this problem for a long damn time and I tried everything restarting and all and it keeps saying failed to find this or that in the database, this has been happening for days now and I feel like I'm never playing SL again because nothing is being done about this and I have to buy a ticket in order to talk with a representative, like this is insane, I'm heavily upset by this like wow I'm still a cloud and nothing is loading for me while everyone else somehow is fine.
  2. ZionX1999

    I can't log in

    For some reason my Second Life Viewer is refusing to load my account whenever I open it in Launchpad on my mac it had trouble loading the updates and news articles page and also I had a problem earlier where it said my homepoint was gone so I went to another location, crashed and then suddenly now since this afternoon I haven't been able to log in whenever I click a location to spawn at it goes to the loading bar page but the loading bar isn't loading it's stuck on Logging in constantly and now I'm worried I may have been hacked or something cause I tried Firestorm and Firestorm works fine but problem is is that it's not loading mesh avatars which is strange. If anyone knows anything please help me cause I think my viewer may have been compromised by something I'm not sure and it's freaking me the hell out please help and also now it said I can't log in for an unrecognized reason.
  3. For some reason I couldn't log into my second life account and I checked my internet connection and it seems fine but for some reason none of the Second Life pages like My.Second Life where my profile is, is not loading and whenever I go to marketplace it says Safari failed connection and also my viewer the loading is slower and whenever it tries to load it says something about my clock and timezone being wrong so I don't know what to do I'm freaking out and I can't change my email either the email page is not loading either SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME.
  4. ZionX1999

    "Login Failed"

    I don't know why but I can't log into my account on the viewer but I can on the website and My Second Life, I'm scared for my life now cause whenever I go to the viewer it takes forever to load then it says "Login Failed" And idk what this means is this a permanent ban I got like IP ban or is it a ban until a certain time or date cause I was online and for some reason it logged me out as I was in the middle of a chat like I don't know what's going on cause I can access the website, My Second Life and my Dashbaord but not the viewer itself, can someone please tell me what's going on? cause I'm worried very worried that I may never get to play Second Life ever again.
  5. ZionX1999

    This hair

    Can someone identify this hairstyle?, because I have been dying to buy it for a while.
  6. Some of my Transformers outfits from Iacon Designs have this unusual glitch and Idk how to fix it. 
  7. Is Zero Style the person that made this and is that the hair's name?and I hope they still are around in marketplace if not try to direct me to someone with a ton of anime and kemono hairstyles
  8. Can Someone please help me identify this awesome hairstyle? (The white one on the left) I really want to know the name of it
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