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  1. hoi is it possible to use a phantom prim to detect an Avatar standing inside it?
  2. i builded a floorpart (with blender 2.78) and the hitbox dosent work like it should. the hitbox ignores the red and blue faces completly and only formes a simple cube aroudn the hole thing so anytime trying to sand on the blue floorpart the av is hovering. what do i have to do to get a workin hitbox for that floor?
  3. hi, i got the kemono av and a custom texture for that one I need help for fittin the Texture i got for the kemonobody to some digi legs i got also for that av the Legs are usin a different Uv map than the rest of the body dose i only knew few basics for texturing so i need help for that if ur interrested just IM me Rhado2496 with ur price offer
  4. so theres no way to attache without the need to rezzing the object?
  5. hi is there an option to attach/dettach opjects from a script in a hud ?
  6. is there a way to switch between hole Outfits via script?
  7. RhaDo2496


    how muche (texture)faces a mesh can have ?
  8. is there a way to read the Particle System Parameters of a prim?
  9. RhaDo2496

    mesh exporting

    is there a way to export mesh from SL to blender? wiche premissions it had to have?
  10. is there a way to use a touch_start or something else to faces at a mesh. like u click at one face and it do a specific thing and another face should do another task.
  11. on some of my mesh objects i made( with blender v.2.77) the faces shown in the wrong side when i try to uplode em  how can i fix that?
  12. i added my own Hud but every time the textrue is extremly blurred isit a setting problem or is my Hud faulty and how to fix that
  13. ^^ ofc i know Link_SET but i cant use it its couse the object have to hide the one halfe of his prims while the other is visible and reversed.
  14. is there a way to use llSetLinkAlpha at a list of faces at same time? atm im writing them all in single line like llSetLinkAlpha(3,1,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(4,1,ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(5,1,ALL_SIDES); so every face goes visible one after one. how to script it that they go visible all at same time?
  15. is there a way to use llOffsetTextrue to a linked prim without the script in it?
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