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  1. My problem is not turning camera etc so much as I am used to moving my avatar and turning it via the mouse not WASD or arrow keys. So by habit I try to hold down the mouse buttons to move and end up deleting/selecting things I do not intend to in SL I know it is pure user error on my part but it does get annoying.
  2. I have an ATI 6850HD how does that card match up with the one I have?
  3. I'd far rather have full mouse movement capabilities like many other popular online games. Come to think of it actual mouse movement might stop me from accidentally deleting prims when I by muscle memory try to mouse move while in SL.
  4. I've never dreamed about SL though I have looked at building and furniture and thought of what prims made them. Or tried to pan my camera around the back of a web page to see the back of something. /me facepalms
  5. I am trying to understand this setup. Correct me if I am wrong. If my ID has my address on it then I do not need to submit a phone or utility bill? I ask because if my ID is not good enough I am kinda screwed if I ever want to cash out as all my utility/phone bills are in the husbands name. This will be rather important to me as I am looking hard at doing some content creation and hope to make a little L$ to sell.
  6. I really wonder how well it will go over since so many people get positively ill using VR headsets. I also wonder what the creative path will be long term. One of the huge selling points with SL is that someone can land in it and in a relatively short time be building their own things even if they are rudimentary prims. If this is going to require real expertise then that whole factor is cut completely out.
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