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  1. I’d love to visit there someday, but until then it would at least be cool to explore virtually
  2. Sorry, meant to say “how common,” as in, does it sometimes feel like those kinds of sims are more predominant than they actually are? My own answer is that I mostly visit sims that represent a foreign location or different culture. So I feel if it weren’t for the destination guide highlights I see whenever I log in, it might seem like everyone is visiting them, when I know that really there are sims for plenty of other interests.
  3. And do you think that effects your perception of common that particular type of sim is?
  4. I had no idea there’s an MST3K sim, what’s on it?
  5. Mostly I explore new sims, or re-visit ones I really like. If I could afford things I’d do a lot more clothes shopping and home remodeling, too.
  6. For me, Roy and his alts are like virtual dolls. I might change their clothes sometimes, but I don’t change their bodies. When I’ve wanted to try a different look I’ve created an Alt. But based on looking through the forums it seems many people like to change their whole main avi. So do you change yours, or not?
  7. Thanks! Checked out Kiyori via one of my alts. Definitely a cool-looking sim!
  8. Just read a blog entry by an American living in Korea, so now I'm hoping to explore some Korean sims!
  9. Would be cool to attend one virtually, when I can’t go to one in person.
  10. Chinese Island is meant to be interactive. There's a HUD you can use to communicate with NPCs in Mandarin characters in order to accomplish certain tasks.
  11. Looks cool! So that makes it a fan tribute to a sim that's a fan tribute to a game? : )
  12. How do I get to them from the initial teleport point in the subway station? I just spent a few minutes walking around Kiyori but could not get out of the Chinese and Japanese areas.
  13. Thanks everyone! For some reason I'm not getting notified of new responses.
  14. Looks like there are several, so I'm trying to figure out which ones are most worth visiting to get in the Halloween spirit and see some cool, atmospheric stuff!
  15. So, those are two of my favorite sims. Anything similar you guys can recommend? Especially if it looks great at night. Also, I hear Chinese Island doesn't get much traffic, so please check it out if you haven't already!
  16. Thanks. Is the traffic count per day, week, month, or what interval?
  17. Chinese Island is one of my favorite sims. I find it pretty fun to explore, and think it would be cool to actually see other people there. It was created by an Australian University's Chinese language department, which makes me think that there must be regularly-scheduled class times where students log in and visit it. Does anyone know if I am correct in thinking that, and if so, when are the classes? Thanks!
  18. I have several alts because I wanted to try different looks, and changing Roy’s body just felt wrong. I think my desire to enter the 1920s Berlin project may have played a role as well
  19. Would love to explore their designs/architecture virtually.
  20. The entirety of Alice in Chains’ album “Dirt”
  21. Looked back at my thread asking about Native American sims and learned that we don’t really have any of those. African cultures also seem to be really underrepresented. And for some reason I was just planning what a sim based on Downtown Los Angeles would look like.
  22. I really like Kowloon. It has kind of a Blade Runner (original movie) type atmosphere. Lots to see, and it looks great at night! Chinese Island and Little Yoshiwara are pretty cool too.
  23. I love the Kowloon sim, and while I’m not currently interested in renting anywhere, I’m curious if it has any apartments for rent, and what they look like.
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