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  1. The bubble in the texture editing box is grey, what do I need to do to make it so I can enable Bake on an item?
  2. Maybe a different type of 'group' with less features that cant be tied to land. It would just be announcements/notices and a chat. Dont need to allow group members to even see a member list because if its a store group all its really for is Updates and Announcements from the brand. Removing the ability of the members to see eachother would even make it better to save people from spamming member lists on store groups.
  3. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/White%20Rose/13/152/1999 Mortal Decay takes place 2042, 20 years after the initial outbreak. With only a small percent of the world population left, the conflict has long since burned out. Though many survivors still hold grudges. Whatever government or organized leadership that may still exist is primarily focused on developing a permanent cure or stable society, and simply surviving. As it turns out, the lab that created the virus also has been rumored to have created a cure in some form. This rumor keeps interest in the city high, as it also has the la
  4. We are severely lacking in decent post-apoc sims. I know there has to be something out there either in the works or existing!? Where is it!?
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