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  1. Hello I'm looking for a great mesh artist with high quality skills for a new Second life FASHION brand. This would be a one time project at first. Depending on how you work, it could turn into a full-time Job You will be asked to show a portfolio related to fashion works. Your work and habilities should be adapted to the sl market. And must achieve the high standards of the most famous brands from SL. Work under pressure You should be able to recreate and interpretate complicated fashion designs that may be on flat sketches, spec sheets or illustrations. Only serious people. To discuss more about this job contact inworld 1491 Resident le'reprsnt98
  2. Hello I'm a fashion designer in rl and I'm looking for a great mesh artist ,a loyal person to work with so we can start a new project and the creation of a fashion brand together. I'm looking for a longterm business relationship. Only serious people with good skills in mesh arts Contact me inworld as : 1491 Resident
  3. Hi there!! I'm looking for Bloggers and people with a Flicker account who have a good number of followers and a big reach. We are going to promote an Event soon . Please send a private message inworld to: 1491 Resident Thank you!
  4. Hello!!! I want to know if you can still change lindens into real money and what are the steps to follow ?? Thank you very much :)
  5. Hola !! Quisiera saber si aùn es posible cambiar tus lindens a moneda real (en mi caso dólares) y cuales serían los pasos a seguir ??? Muchas gracias :)
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