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  1. I found her! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BM-HQ-3D-MESH-Sexy-Bikini-Girl-1/6222149
  2. That's the calmest breakup message I Have ever seen.........
  3. Paris Island was enough fun the first time :-) DIG!
  4. On the other hand, being unable to wear clothes will make you all kinds of popular :-)
  5. Mina and Wasabi Oills have GREAT reds
  6. Wasabi Pills has a great variety and some should work. Mina hair is currently my go-to hair, and they have several modern/punk styles
  7. -sometimes- taking off your hair base and putting it back on will Rez you, but the method in the previous post is the most likely fix.
  8. If you were being catty, you could always TP to a bondage/capture sim and change the location to there as well......then they'd get some INTERESTING stuff to complain about :-D
  9. Not sure if this is exactly what you want..... Roman Blinds
  10. I have tried this on Internet Explorer and on Chrome, and I am not getting the "browse" button mentioned in step #7 that allows me to select my custom image. Is the ability so set a custom social-connect image not available until a certain post-count is attained? "(7) Upload your image and create your badge! Once you have decided what style to use, click that style and now click the 'Browse' button to upload your own background image (don't click any of the themes if you want 'no pre-defined style' though, just click the 'Browse' button!). Now click the 'Browse' button again from the pop
  11. Welcome Dani! I have had a lot of success meetng people within "Groups" that match my interests from the Search feature, but also at Live Music events and SL Concerts. My conclusion is that we music lovers are just pretty gergarious :-)
  12. There used to be a Podcast about SL that was accessible via iTunes, but I believe it folded some time back :-(
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