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  1. I was/am having a similar issue, I have to reboot before going to House of V (chained desires sim) where I dj'd for several months. My copy of firestorm is 64bit, 6gb graphics card w/ 16gb system RAM. I unchecked the box mentioned above, and My frames absolutely TANKED......
  2. Come work somewhere fun!!! Kokomo Falls is Now Hiring Staff! Our easy going club needs DJ's!! Kokomo Falls Beach Club & Airport! An old school Pacific island place to come dance and hang out with WWII era aircraft, Rock, Blues, Country, Punk, Funk music. Bring your friends and make new ones! ALL ARE WELCOME! BDSM/LGBTx friendly! Come by the club and check it out. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Starship/27/110/22 Then come to work with us! We like to have fun. DJ Application: https://forms.gle/rQ8xzqT4vuHs8x5o9 IF you have questions, please fe
  3. UPDATE: I've found someone who not only was able to complete this job for Me, but exceed what I wanted, making updating stuff in the future much simpler than before!
  4. Currently I have a script that I pulled from a C4 Bomb (it was full perm), however I need it re-written so that it can be used in a house that My fire department uses for training. I need it so that when someone types "reset" or "reset house" or something along those lines, whomever it is that typed it into local gets a menu with various times on it (30 sec, 1 Min, 5 min, 10 min, 30 min, 1 hour). After they select a time, once that amount of time has expired, it will rez 10 HD Fire. I need this script full perm so that I can keep it updated as they update the HD Fire, and put it into o
  5. WE WANT YOU! LIBERTY FIRE DEPARTMENT IS HIRING! Are you looking to join a Fire Department in Second Life? Looking to make a difference? We always have the latest equipment;. Some of the friendliest staff around, and are ALWAYS willing train you if needed. Liberty Fire Department has been around since 2016, and in our time has covered a number of airports and RP sims of all sizes. Currently we cover the "City" of West Coast, which is made up of 2 sims which include, West Coast University (an RP college), shops for rent, FD, PD, City Hall, Medical Clinic, Rising Moon Club, and more... a
  6. I filed the dmca 2 days ago. doing the hurry up and wait routine. wish there was more to do but meh.....
  7. yes, that is correct I did create it on 12 June, 2016, and have the PSD, and PNG and as you've seen up above, the properties have the date of creation on it, which is well before "Joe" even came around My Dept. In fact, that logo is older than the acct he's using by several years....and I KNOW this ain't his only acct..... Once I get some $ saved up (the govt is quite greedy lol) I will be registering that as a trademark as well since I don't see Myself changing the department name any time soon. GRANTED, I had to change our fb name due to a couple news stations, and other pages accidenta
  8. It's a Second Life Fire Dept, but I was the one who designed the logo (back in 2016 and still have the PSD)....so it would be a copyright/unauthorized use of intellectual property issue... It's My dept, I might add....
  9. @Lindal Kidd if you only knew some of the stuff he's done. Out of respect for My friends who have had to deal with him, I won't air that dirty laundry here in a public forum..but yah....he's not the type of person you want associated with your Dept or Business.....
  10. @Alwin Alcott what he's got is a seriously pissed of owner of intellectual property he is using without authorization.
  11. @Lindal Kidd no, not with him. He's one of the few in SL I would NOT want advertising from as he'd tarnish our name. This is just the latest in a SERIES of issues we've had with him, not including harassment and stalking...
  12. Not sure what all I can do here. A gentleman, we'll call him Joe for now, is using My Fire Department's logo in his profile picture. He is NOT "employed" by My Fire Department, nor was he at the time the picture was uploaded. He is not authorized in any way, shape or form to use this logo. What all can I do? I've filed a DCMA complaint as well as reported his profile but I'm at a loss as to what IF any other options I have, since technically this logo is My design....
  13. After taking some much needed time off from Second Life, I have returned (though it was more eventful than I expected as My acct got compromised lol got it back though!), and am looking for a home for My fire department, Liberty Fire Department. To be blunt, I'm not picky about the size of the community, as there's really very little I can't cover, as I have 99% of the vehicles by HD Emergency. City, Rural Town, Airport, whatever...I can do it all. I have several stations, and IF need be..I can modify one to fit. Done it before, and I can do it again. We ARE a very small department unfortunate
  14. she never crashed. she logged out on the 9th (and it showed it in local), and I logged out shortly after, and we spent the rest of the evening playing Archage. Next day her computer decided it didn't want to cooperate (hardware issues) and she wasn't able to get on. ON the 11th, she still wasn't able to get on, yet it showed her logging out at around 4:22SLT. In addition, it was set so i could no longer locate her on the map. This happened once before a couple weeks or so ago. chat showed her logging out when she hadn't been online all day and I wasn't able to locate her on the map...
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