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  1. My boyfriend and I are looking for someone to play our expected twins: a girl and a boy. We do have names picked out already but we are willing to take in some thought on the names. Right now our family consists of my boyfriend, my two daughters and I. I do have prim kids I keep at the land parcel I rent but we live in a community. We've tried adoption centers, but it's just not working. This is really our last hope at finding someone to play them otherwise we are just going to have them as prim kids. Time Zones: Central and GMT+1 Days online: Most days, as often as possible Times Online: Varies. Saske is on in the mornings and early afternoons during the week and weekends he spends more time online but still around that same range. Suzume is on early afternoons until evening during the week and online most of the day on weekends. What are we looking for: Twins: A boy and a girl. This isn't really debatable to us. This is how we've roleplayed it the past ten months. Willing to age with our family. Our family ages just like people do in RL. Open-mindless and willingness to try new things and explore. Someone who enjoys roleplay but doesn't mind going outside of it sometimes so we can get to know each other and is understand of when real life happens. Who we are: We are an adventurous family that loves doing new things at new places all the time. We love exploring the Great Second Life. The fresh pixel air does wonders for you. But we can also relax at home as well. We do have a fair share of families secrets if you know where to look for them, they can be quite fascinating others quite mundane. Contact Suzume Amai (amberrosekettle) or on here or both.
  2. I’m looking for a roleplay partner that goes across my different roleplays. This isn’t just a single role but rather role inside of a role. I guess sort of like a family friend or a friend that is nearly family, not quite sure how to word it. I’m going to explain several of the different roleplays I do. Role 1: My family and I just moved to Liberty Bay. By my family I mean my two kids and my boyfriend. I’m expecting twins, a bot and a girl, any day now. I work as a freelancer social psychologist working in applied research for companies and any other employer that hires her. I haven’t always been this doting mothering I have always been and there is always a call to do something bigger, to make a difference in the back of mind. Role 2: A new hero is emerging on the streets after news of the retired hero Spectro died after a six-month battle with cancer. She had eluded media for three months before she was finally caught by a news reporter. “Who are you?” “I am Spectreia.” “What is your super power?” She unfurled her black wings with almost a purplish hue spanning out 18 feet from her body. “You call yourself Spectreia Are you related to Spectro?” “I am his daughter and I’m here to take over my father’s reign in this city.” There are more roles that I will discuss if you are interested in either of these. What am I looking for? -You have to be willing to move your age around somewhat (adult range, 18 plus) -Knows English fluently -Is a decent driver in SL ((because one of us has to be able to get us out of trouble and my driver will get us in deeper trouble)) -Understands this is only a friendship roleplay. I’m not looking for an affair in a way shape or form. **Other notes** We can discuss the backstory a bit in person. We could have met in college, high school, grade school, before, work, some sort club, ect, you get the point here. I’m pretty open minded. And this can actually change per role. For Role 2 and any of the superhero roleplays I’d suggests knows each other for a long time to be working together as a team. And with those types of roleplays I may have other characters that may be interested but they are characters that are more ‘young guns’ you could say where in the heat of battle, who know what could happen. Please contact me in world at amberrosekettle. Leave and IM and notecard. If you want to contact me here go ahead but I might not see it for a couple days, I do come on the forums every day.
  3. I'm not sure about the rules but I know that Liberty Bay is reopening their school. My daughter just applied. She is also 11 and can't attended weekday classes unless they are evening classes.
  4. I need someone who can get the roads I have down because I'm spending way too much time. I need these roads to be straight and to use land effectively. I want to have this sim open in two weeks. Payment can be discussed in world. Please contact me inworld under amberrosekettle resident.
  5. Never mind I figured it out right after posting this.
  6. AmberRoseKettle

    Land Access

    I just bought a region but I can't seem to figure out how to give access to my business partners. I've tried setting it to group, adding them to the allowed list and relogging, but they can't get on and we need to start building. Any ideas on how to do this.
  7. Let me tell you about who I am and why you should even consider going in with me on starting a community. I have been roleplay and part of Second Life for five years. I’ve been anywhere from a toddler to an adult. I know what those different age groupings want in a family community. I’m very people and idea orientated. I have the ideas and I’m committed to making this happen. I don’t care about profit I’m in it to put all the things I’ve ever wanted in a community into action. I want to create a community I would love to be part of as a supernatural and family roleplayer. I don’t need money to make it happen even if the few months are a flop I still have money to make sure the maintenance fee is covered. I have the money to jump head first into this today. The concept is to create a family friendly supernatural community. My vision is to create a community where supernatural and normal families can live together in a community with a rich plot in relativity harmony. I have the rough drafts for the plot and backstory. I also have developed my own education system among many other things. I want to share details in world as this is something that has taken a lot of effort and I don’t want to share my ideas to the world. So, does this sound like any idea you’re interested in let me tell you what I need from a co-owner(s). I need someone who is spatial orientated. Someone who is into building and can actually get the community together and running. Someone who has experience in marketing and web design would also be great along with experience in marketing. I’m looking for someone with experience to get this past concept and into an actual community. The most important for me is someone is dependable and trustworthy so I’m not thinking about what is going on the sim when I’m not there. To be fair I’m a very busy person in real life and in second life. I do a lot of roleplay and some of my roleplays are very intense where it takes up time. I need to be able to focus on that stuff when I’m doing it and not have to be worried about what is going on. Cooperation and communication is huge for this to work for me. I’m not looking for someone passively there. I need someone who is engaged with the idea and we can work together to make this happen. I’m looking for a co-owner not just puppet or someone who wants to take the ideas I’ve spent years on and run with the idea. Talk to me today in world. I will be replying on here, but if you want direct contact amberrosekettle resident. Even if I’m not online on that account IM me and I’ll get the email and I’ll get on as soon as possible.
  8. I have several different roleplay opportunities I’ve been thinking about for some time. I’m really looking to push forward my character’s story as it’s been halted for a while. Below is descriptions of the several different people I’m looking for starting with the OOC information then the IC information. Nanny/Butler- This person may be male or female. Must be over the age of 16. We be required to care for Funsies, which I can teach the person how to take care of Funsies. Position is paid the actual wage will be discussed privately. I will also do an IC interview to insure commitment and trustworthiness. Nanny or Butler wanted. Must be certified. Five children between the ages of six to one. Six-year-old is currently in a staying with family for schooling. Some special needs. Wage and needs will be discussed in person. Roommate- My avatar has recently moved to BellaBrook in hopes of being able to move her family back into the city. As money is tight my avatar it is likely she sought out a roommate. Roommate may be male or female, but the apartment came with bunkbeds so you must be comfortable with being living with opposite gender if you are male. This person may be American or from another country. My avatar is from Japan and has lived in many countries so she’d be comfortable with people from around the world. Roommate wanted. Townhouse, loft. Contact Suzume Amai If you are interested in any of these situations please contact me in world at amberrosekettle.
  9. I’m looking into making a sim that is set in the 1900 and continues to 2050. That is the basic concept, but depending on how the sim goes it may expand and possible go pass 2050. But that is a long way to go. The sim is friendly to both humans and supernatural. This sim is an altered reality so history may be slightly altered. The sim is going to be run on a combination of five different countries that have merged together to form one country. In the beginning the five countries will be divided into five districts and depending on room there will be a sixth district. To start off with their will be five royal clans, one for each country. Each of the five clans are owned by either me or the four other partners. There will be noble families that people can play but those will have a limited number, we can’t have a sim of nobles. Each royal clan has OOC jobs for the sim and IC jobs for the sim. The IC jobs can be swapped between the partners at any point but the OOC jobs are first come first served. There are some jobs that are divided between every clan. That includes law making, court system, police, hospital and the school. There would be one meeting a month for law making, but if an IC or OOC emergency it could be every two weeks or the same week if it’s urgent. These elements have to have influences from every country/clan. This is done to even out countries that would much less developed in the 1900s. Every country may have two IC jobs or more depending on how much we will need. The fallowing is basic list of what could be independent OOC jobs: OOC maintenance of sim, IC maintenance of sim, marketing, running the website, designing the website, building, and monitoring the sim. Countries are still up in the air besides Japanese, which I will control though any of the other partners would be able to give input on any aspect I bring to the table. The new country is based in America; it may be logical for America to be one of the royal families, however that isn’t required. The countries that are clans can be chosen for all seven on the continents. Other countries may be representing as nobles, which down the road will be the first to hear if a new opening opens up the original five clans or the sixth district is made there could be one or two clans running it. So what does it mean to be partner? Either they may clip into the purchase of the sim if we want to grandfather it, help with tier, building purchase, website setup (if you chose to use a paid website provider), or scripting. No one is expecting to create original work and not get paid for using it in the community. The community can still be made without original work, but later on we may have to start building our own buildings. How do you become a partner? Well there will be an application. This is to wean out those who are not serious about staying with the sim long term, or having apposite OOC knowledge to be able to add to the sim, or the finical means. The application is both OOC and IC. The application is the same for every application. The same questions are used. However, a questioner for the OOC and IC jobs is in the works that will be different based on the jobs available. This is to make sure there adequate interesting and knowledge to handle the positions. Please contact me inworld at amberrosekettle. I don't check this website often. If I have time to talk face to face I perfer that.
  10. I'mg glad to here from both of you guys. That would be awesome if I do get thsi going. But its a lot of time and I'm still in university so finding time is difficult.
  11. I’ve been debating about trying to start up a magical academy for quite some time now. This would be a crossover roleplay between Harry Potter and Charmed with hints of other fandoms. I would like to teaching magic in both styles of magic. The curriculum would be original and a combination of magic and normal studies. My goal would be to create a realistic school setting with a mix of fantasy. List of Possible Magical Classes: Potions Practical Magic Spell writing Charms Transfiguration History of Magic Care of Magical Creatures Divination Combat Magic Botany List of Possible Normal Classes: English: Writing/Literature History General Science Specialized Science: Astronomy, Botany, Biology, Chemistry, ect. Home Ec. Foreign Language: Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Japanese, ect. International Studies Art Music Shop I would like to have classes throughout the day including late SL time. SL is place of international people therefore a lot of kids can’t take classes because of time zone differences. My question is before I go into making a curriculum and starting to invest in such a school I want to know if there would be an interest. That includes teachers, students and investors.
  12. I have been working on opening a dojo on my homestead for qutie some time. I've ran into a problem with affording the homestead, we moved to a bigger one thinking we'd put the dojo on the same place to make our lives easier, but I didn't realize the cost I was getting myself into. We have the basic plan for the dojo programs basics set up and the dojo is already set up. But I'm looking for two other business partners that can help with the instruction of the classes and help with getting this palce going quickly. The homestead is very large I am willing to set up parcels and allow the business partners to use the parels for their homes as long as they can go in a third into the sim with me which would be 5332 a month per person with myself and two other people. Please contact me in world at amberrosekettle resident, leave an notecard or IM if I'm not online, notecard is perfered.
  13. I'm just saying that I am into roleplay. Someone who isn't into RP cannot be with someone who isn't. It just wouldn't work. That's why I mentioned it.
  14. This sounds like a great idea. I woul say you might want to have different districts where the homes, businesses and nightlife. Remember Rock'N'Roll was 'music of the devil'. I think a dinner would be essential. Just keep it fun and don't be afraid to do gossipy type of drama being if it is a small town. Do a lot of research on police, fire deparement, cars, houses, clothing, fashion, hospitals and all of that stuff. You want to do it the right way the first time when it comes to historical sims. I'd be willing to help up. My budget is tight right now based on a failed business idea, but I'm more then willing to help out where I can.
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