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  1. and the amount of control you have over your simulator compared to second life is addictive and down right empowering
  2. O///O i kind of have some experience with open sim cause i have a copy of it on my computer and have sucessfuly operated my own sim, and the lsl modual works pretty nicely actualy
  3. well here's also another theory. maybe Open Sim is an open source product of LL launched by LL
  4. O///O welp buddy we just agreed on the same thing. anyways the article you pulled up on the wikipedia is once again a mention of the article wich ihas been long gone so Bragg vs. Linden labs is as close as you'll ever get sadly
  5. well at this rate you might as well wach the tv for news wich is also a blog ran by reporters on screen buddy
  6. https://www.ecommercetimes.com/story/78423.html well ***** it it could have been any of these 25,000 people lol
  7. https://www.inc.com/news/articles/2010/05/second-life-virtual-land-dispute.html
  8. also i want to point out that open simulator was created as a result of one particular customer dispute between him and linden labs 10 years ago for not giving him full ownership of his sim. according to the article the man who sued linden labs was upset cause linden labs did not clarify on there terms of agreement that he was only renting his land not really owning it. so after the court case was settled he not only won but gained a source code for second life because in order to own his simulator it had to be copied onto his machine individually and ran from from there on hyper grid mode so he could attach it to second lifes grid. you can visit all 15 of his simulators if you know where to find them. there privately owned and linden l;abs has no jurisdiction over them. witch is why they now put it flat out in there terms of agreement that you are strictly renting not owning land in sl.
  9. i'm aware of zuckerburg being a developer of second life buddy he's involved with anything that uses face book as an output cause again people have to go through his company to make it available for use on there development project. he was only contracted to make face book available as a feature nothing else. so no facebook was only a marketing crutch and a quick fix.
  10. SL is VR meaning it is also a form of social media cause you can chat on sl right? and you can submit your photos and little moments on twitter and face book too so in that sense second life is very much a form of universal social media only difference is its explorable and interactive the others aren't witch again is a turn on for most people when socializing in the modern world. and when you think about it veiwers being available in popular gaming consoles and having the ability to move scroll through menues and move you character pluss your camera with just an x box style controller is verry appealing to gamers. not to mention the convenience of portability when you make available for all phone platforms. it would have becom the biggest thing sence penut butter lol.
  11. as a matter of fact second life had the potential to be much bigger than face book but you know people can only lead a horse to water.
  12. ether way linden labs should have released sansar or something of equivalence in 2,000 and cause they didn't invest in making second life available for consoles and cell phones this stage of ll's development has been delayed several times over. they've shot themselves in the foot by limiting it to just pc
  13. O///O well if you saw the commercial and not the forums you'd be thrown off like this
  14. O///O hmm i was under the impression sansar was a totally new company guess ll is changing names
  15. I have a huge question... Dose the sansar team think were all not smart enough to figure out that sansar just downloaded the open simulator source code and modified the user interface graphics and added a virtual reality headset friendly interface? how stupid do they think we are? and why hasn't Linden Labs sued the pants off of them yet? are they just waiting for them to become more developed so they have bigger money to win in a case? i mean come on that's class a intellectual property theft lol! so yeah my question is why hasn't Linden Labs sue them yet?
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