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  1. Here's what i dont' get, why even be human to begin with? The purpose of sl was to escape the limitations of rl, what do you mean "why" and another thing i really don't understand is why there is a petition going around to ban furrys from sl? Thats like some racist white ***** asking someone to ban there highest paying customer cause there black <.< same thing with these xenophobic humans passing out petitions at rallies for the anti furry co volition
  2. -///- yeah late for the party as usual but at least i was able to contribute useful information when dealing with LL cause they can even get in trouble for acting as there own country on cyberspace but that is besides the point, truth is they got away with highway robbery for years and nobody did anything about it cause they enjoyed the benefits they reaped by supporting there criminal operations.
  3. O///O well if you're up for some reading: http://constitutionus.com/
  4. ^ Don't forget the next one after cause that's sort of why you got that greeting to begin with ma'am next time if you see someone doing that just to be rude don't add more to it it sort of makes you look really bad
  5. if i did we'd be heading down tons of drama and online prostitution
  6. psst there are actually tons more reasons why sl has a bad rep but i'm not listing them all XD
  7. Your cringe worthy forum conduct is why sl has a bad rep if you want to take this anywhere near that rout *eye rolles*
  8. don't you just hate it when you submit a rough draft and trolls just make rude comments like that to just make you look illiterate when you know what the ***** your talking about?
  9. Ok wait wait, why isn't anyone talking about the Bragg vs. LL case? Seriously, that's why LL is barely even still existing! The truth is if your a US citizen Linden Labs can be taken to court for just about anything and be tried under US law cause there based in California and they just pulled net neutrality, that means unless you have a signature in writing, there user agreement no longer apply's nor is protected by law, in other words if you sue them for anything or blow the whistle, you will win every time cause the ***** they practice is illegal as ***** and they know it! According to nati
  10. Hi i don't know why people are so contempt with loosing everything they invested in for a program that's so under developed compared to its predecessor but, Second Life has had too many invest in land, avatars, and several objects that are now irreplaceable. Yet Linden labs refuses to sympathize with any of its customers on this issue and doesn't offer any of us solutions to the problem. So now iv'e thought about actually starting a fundraising campaign to preserve second life and getting open simulator on board to at least propose a business transaction with linden labs regarding there old pr
  11. O///O well seems nobody has an answer i will have to contribute my own out of the box solution i just made on the fly. well seems how there is no spread sheet i could find on this subject matter i asked my friend to just make a simple cube in inventor, convert it on blender, and then color code it to x y and z as it appears after it's uploaded, i then instructed to hand me the resulting cube and drop the script in it, the theory here is the color codes will reveal what axis the barrel needs to face on the cad and as a bonus i will use the data from the experiment to type out a custom spread sh
  12. O///O oh no answers yet? that means this topic is a doozie then... well my skills aren't in the cad software department so if sombody who has fixed this problem before please speak up soon
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