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  1. Maestro85

    Preserving Second Life

    Hi i don't know why people are so contempt with loosing everything they invested in for a program that's so under developed compared to its predecessor but, Second Life has had too many invest in land, avatars, and several objects that are now irreplaceable. Yet Linden labs refuses to sympathize with any of its customers on this issue and doesn't offer any of us solutions to the problem. So now iv'e thought about actually starting a fundraising campaign to preserve second life and getting open simulator on board to at least propose a business transaction with linden labs regarding there old project second life witch there about to abandon soon. So instead of loosing all of our accounts and everything we worked so hard to achieve there, LL sells there old project Second Life to open simulator and put it under new management. Like seriously they get to make money and nobody looses there ***** win win right?
  2. O///O will forward that thankyou.
  3. O///O well seems nobody has an answer i will have to contribute my own out of the box solution i just made on the fly. well seems how there is no spread sheet i could find on this subject matter i asked my friend to just make a simple cube in inventor, convert it on blender, and then color code it to x y and z as it appears after it's uploaded, i then instructed to hand me the resulting cube and drop the script in it, the theory here is the color codes will reveal what axis the barrel needs to face on the cad and as a bonus i will use the data from the experiment to type out a custom spread sheet telling what axis to use when uploading mesh models. problem solved.
  4. O///O oh no answers yet? that means this topic is a doozie then... well my skills aren't in the cad software department so if sombody who has fixed this problem before please speak up soon
  5. Ok so i have a friend who is using inventor to model and blender to convert it. however the problem is no matter how change the direction the gun turret is facing sl just keeps reading the z axis as the y axis. i really think linden labs needs to come out with a chart that tells you what programs read in what direction, cause sl keeps making the barrel face vertically on the z axis and the top keeps facing me when i use llLookAt(); on my script...
  6. hell whats even funnier is that you can use java to create custom callable linden functions on open simulator, probably could help linden labs develop those for sl easily.
  7. Difference between java and lsl is that you just simply need to call a dialogue, and then specify the parameters basically creating the functions yourself with any name you give it lol. Its like lsl but much more freedom.
  8. Already figured it all out on my own so no more need to reply to this thread
  9. Hi iv'e completely mastered lsl programming and am trying to utilize the skills i acquired to test the waters of real programming languages like java and c++, but the only hiccup i'm having is grasping how they get the names of there functions or variables. i'm familiar with the syntax, data types, operators, and classes however nothing about java's calss method seems to hold any limitations to work with when it comes to there names. so with that in mind how the hell is this language even referencing the words your or names you type with a feature, object, or button? is the machine just built to guess what it means? anyways due this road block i'm left confused to what is a valid input or whats not cause there are no set list of functions or features to name in the classes like the lsl portal has for its coding language. can somebody help explain this better than the tutorials that seem to be too loosely implied?
  10. Maestro85

    Sansar Copy Right Infrengement

    ^///^ the freedom is amazing huh? i love keeping my private 9 sim grid offline too only my mates get to link to it via vpn its much better that way seems how connecting to a grid just makes your pc vulnerable to attack from griefers.
  11. Maestro85

    Sansar Copy Right Infrengement

    ^///^ thanks i'll check each of those out and see which works better. but as far as i can tell linden labs is playing dirty with its terms of agreement. you should be alowed to download your avatar and be able to export your content by law.
  12. Maestro85

    Sansar Copy Right Infrengement

    if your willing to put forth the effort into learning how to opperate the back end of a simulator then maybe you should download a copy for yourselves. one thing i will pointy out is if you don't have a vpn service downloaded your router will get in the way of people connecting to your sim unless you connect yourself directly to the internet. the region is set up to use one ip adress specificly. that ip adress has to be the same exact one on both your internal and external ip. or you'll be stuck trying to get a region handshake
  13. Maestro85

    Sansar Copy Right Infrengement

    and the amount of control you have over your simulator compared to second life is addictive and down right empowering