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  1. Bravo Lindens, amazingly amongst all the posts only one Sour Puss Meow16. dont let the door hit your behind, Ta Ta.
  2. Havent been on since months and deciced to visit, tried loging in but kept getting the message check your password, turn off caps check spelling etc. no such problem with my other account, Am I right is suspecting a hack, what to do now?
  3. I dont think LL shoudl be removig negative reviews, do they even try the product t s ee what its being criticised? and the money wasted on the purchase.
  4. I was using HUD and could not find anything on it, its right above the colour gradient thing, you have to select skin, strap, rings through the arrows there. Thanks and sorry for any inconvinience.
  5. Bought this for my alt, and cand find any instructions to change strap colour. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/fR-shoes-storm-white-Pums-shoes-heels-dollarbie-free-footwear-special-price-sandals/5291270
  6. Why is not all of Linden waters sailable? you will find bits missing around mainland nad other regions that will appear black on the small map, yet there are active regions bordering them, its not like an isloated place that needs to be off the grid.
  7. Thats amazing, thank you for sharing, hope more people benefit from virtual worlds as did these people.
  8. Was your friend called mateo secretspy / night vamp / ronan mcguiness / dj ronan? he had same health issue and hasnt been online since last July, maybe it was his alt account, even if not the same person he was almost like your friend, naughty, confident, sharp mind, you couldnt push him around, he had a good looking avatar, hip fashion sense, couldnt believe his health problem when he told me, would never have guessed.
  9. Thats a cute setup even has ban lines http:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Areumdeuli/94/14/99//maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Areumdeuli/94/14/99
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