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  1. I suppose you've got the right store/seller. Yes, all 5 stars, and just one 4 star review from 2014 which is still a postiive review merely stating item as copyable. I dropped a message to the seller though and flagged the item but seems like nothing has been done. What I don't get is LL removing my review even though I did not do any personal attack and was just a honest review about the skin tone. Weirdly enough, there was one female user who commented on my review before it got taken down. Nevertheless, I'll be purchasing from 7 deadly skins in the future. They've got better support. Thanks all for the reply
  2. Very informative, thank you. There wasn't a demo but it's fine. I did not make any comments about seller since it was my first time purchasing from them. But since they are flagging bad (factual) reviews, I doubt I'll be purchasing any thing from them in the future.
  3. As far as I see, there's no 4 star review. All of the listings on that store are listed as 5 stars or 0 review. That led me to think that the seller could be flagging all bad reviews etc.
  4. I bought an item on marketplace, and the listing was not as described. Although it states that the skin is 'Ivory', the skin which I purchased was almost entirely white, or rather, a bright shade of white. As such, I left the comment on Marketplace saying that the skin is too pale. However, that comment was flagged and removed. The seller has no bad reviews at all. All are 5 star reviews. I don't suppose I've violated any ToS by speaking the truth about the item I got which differs from the image they listed. Can someone explain? Thanks.
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