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  1. Hello, i am Meylin, professional blogger,photographer&editor. I just joined Studio Six Photography and i'm looking for clients who are interested in working with me Our studio offers a small discount to certain members of club staff! Please message me either here or in world via NOTECARD @ norchadens resident for my notecard <3 I do portraits & fullbodies for both men and women, humans or anything else. Here's my Flickr for examples of my work. I look forward to working with you. x
  2. I use Catwa/Maitreya but i'm okay with omega appliers too. I've been looking EVERYWHERE for an asian skin that isn't ghost pale and looks like an anime washed out of detail skin. Something realistic,somewhat mature but nothing too crazy. I tried out Boataom, Kiiko, L'etre, Insol, Mudskin, Atelier Pepe so far and i only liked L'etre's style Can anyone recommend me? Anything would work, i don't mind checking out
  3. Ah thank you! will look into that
  4. Mmm i've watched that! though i don't know where to find the catwa eye texture And dw about that! I'll be drawing my own eyes
  5. I am learning to make some appliers for the eyes and i wanted to ask where i can get the eye texture for catwa/catya eyes? I looked up the dev kit and stuff but i have no idea how to actually export the eye texture? if anyone could help i'd appreciate it!
  6. If you have enough money you can always buy a Catwa bento(animated) head from here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Catwa Clip/143/3/22 Pretty much the same as Catwa there is Lelutka http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LeLutka/119/138/24 I also like Genesis heads which are cheaper but they don't have as much exposure as Catwa http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Genesis Lab/154/134/24 There's also many other heads for sale on the marketplace, usually gachas which cost anywhere from 80L to 2k https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?utf8=✓&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=G&search[keywords]=gacha+head
  7. It's not! Is there anything i have to tick on to get it to show? I use Firestorm btw! They don't!
  8. I got a collar recently and i found it was also enabled for the leash system. I read up on it but i'm still very much confused. I discovered how to generate a leash holder and give it to people and how to leash to them but i have no idea how to make the actual leash show up? Am i missing out on something? Where is the option in the menu to make it show up?
  9. Hi! I'm here looking for people who are in need of edited photos. I am a photographer however my experience with SL photography is still in a learning state, therefore i would rather just edit photos until i improve my skill. I edit pretty much anything, from scenery to portraits(which i like most), i draw over the photos etc. My commissions start from 500L, Every heavy edit costs extra 70L. I am willing to do photography as well, you can check examples below or on my flickr of photos taken by me. Here are some examples of my work: https://www.flickr.com/photos/meyharulee/ http://itsoceansecret.tumblr.com/tagged/mysims http://itsoceansecret.tumblr.com/tagged/myedits For overdrawn/ drawn portraits i charge 700 and up. http://ghastly-chimera.deviantart.com/gallery/ I hope we can work together! Message me either here, on tumblr or in game @Norchadens.
  10. I'm a native speaker! I'd love to help you out I found it actually surprising when i saw your thread, i had to double check if you're talking about Romanian for real! Haven't seen anyone interested in learning it
  11. I do both edits and art. You can check out my commissions (for edits) here Or alternatively i also draw portraits from scratch(digital and traditional) , you can see my gallery here: http://ghastly-chimera.deviantart.com/gallery/ For drawing the price will be negociated depending on your request but the starting price is 600L
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