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  1. LOL love this. I love most of the replies so far!
  2. My RL mother passed away this March, and my father has never really been involved in my life. I've had a few parents over the years but ultimately they wind up being a disappointment, or they have left SL completely. Because of my momma passing I'm feeling a little... lost? I really could use the parental connection right now. I have a family of my own, two girls and a son. My son is about to get married, and one of my daughters age shifts. My SL partner is also now my RL partner, and my age shifting daughter lives with us. Family is extremely important to me, an the bond that goe
  3. Hello All I've been a resident of Secondlife almost 10 years. About 2 or 3 months after joining Secondlife I met the man who is now my RL and SL partner. We live together in RL with one of our SL daughters as a roommate. We have a homestead that I have set up like a farm/ranch, and we would really love to find a Horse to be our family horse. I've always wanted to own horses in RL but unfortunately so far that has not happened for me. You would have a loving and steady home... We are very down to earth and understanding people... Please feel free to contact me inworld or reply here
  4. Hello there, Demi here. First things first let me tell you a little about myself. I am a single mom of two girls and a boy. My children are adults and the RP there is that their father passed away. (Relationships gone bad you know..) They are all adults but occasionally two of them will go toddle. I am 5'9 (SL wise like over six feet lmao) and we have determined that my character is a young 36. Ginger, Fit but curvy body, and green eyes (sometimes hazel.) I've got a sparkling personality and a big heart. But unfortunately bad luck meeting anyone. I live on a family RP sim that my family has
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