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  1. I have created lots of folders to sort things, but it does not really affect the number of thing in my inventory. So here is what I did. Clothing: after opening end copying the contents to my inventory I delete everything I don't use, like all the different appliers, landmark etc. I keep the rezbox with the whole content in it. So deleting is no big deal and this way I removed literally hundreds of items. But the next trick might be more interesting, you keep everything you can’t trow away for whatever kind of reason, but "compress" them into one item. You can "unpack/open“, but you can also "pack". 1. Rez a box on there ground 2. Give it a for you sensible name like “BOX skyboxes” 3. “Edit” and open the “contents” tab 4. Drag all you stuff in your inventory into the content of your new box. 5. Delete the items in your inventory 6. Take the new box in you inventory So instead of for instance 40 items (all the different skyboxes you never use but can’t trow away) you have just one item. When you need one of these things, rex the box on the floor, “open” like you would do with the packages you’ve bought” and you will see all your items. The beauty is you don’t even have to “copy to inventory” but just drag one item out on the floor and delete the whole box, as long as you have a copy of the box in your inventory. So make sure you do. This could easily decimate your inventory without trowing things away.
  2. I had several problems and issues with uploading a file. Mostly it seems it's not the mesh itself, but the name. So If I use a number in it, like 1,2, or 3 it causes problems. Also the words "High" Low" etc prevents the upload somehow. No idea how, but there it is. Once I change the name, it uploads as normal. So before you mess with the mesh, try changing the name. It sounds weird, but that's what I experienced.
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