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  1. Thanks a lot of your reply and advices No I haven't worked with mesh software yet...just a beginner. So I try to find from where to begin. I believe that creating mesh must be not so difficult as it seems because there are a lot of people there in SL that create mesh clothing...also I am an easy learner so it will not take me much time. I will see the tutorials definitely but the question still remain...there are any ready mesh avatars that I can use? or I must create my own full avatar in blender? Thanks again for your reply!
  2. Hi everyone... I want to learn to create clothing for sl avatar but I don't know from where to begin. I already dowloaded Blender and ZBrush but I didn't found useful tutorials for clothing creation. Anyone can suggest good tutotials for mesh clothing? I have a few questions: How to import female avatar to this software and where I can find mesh avatar to import? What is the most suitable software for cloth creation? Thanks in advance
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