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  1. if premium wave the uploading fee I would think about it for taking pictures and loading Textures in having my own isolated pocket Dimension I would pay $40 with 500 Primitives and have up to five people allowed to be in it
  2. a private region club with a hundred people in it runs better than a Mainland parcel empty a private region could load practically instantly the mainland takes 45 minutes sometimes to load anything
  3. the mainland is inferior land it's laggy broken buggy there's no reason to pay for premium to have access to property on that *****y land you should rent from an estate owner
  4. second life is whatever you want it to be and you wanted to be a porn simulator it will be here porn simulator if you wanted to be a game it can be a game for you if you wanted to be a chat room it will be a chat room if you wanted to be a business it can be a business I did something for somebody and they gave me 1 Linden I turn that 1 Linden dollar into 10000 by playing a game of bingo I've been on here for two weeks I didn't have to pay anything is being nice might get you somewhere and I've enjoyed it so far I put some money into it I put $30 into it I had no need to but I chose to and no
  5. it costs 800~900L a week 650~700 Prims it and not in the mainland and allows Sky boxes and no clubs and no big shopping malls and okay with furries and I do not need terraforming but I would love the land to be flat if I choose to build on the ground and I am planning to pay for a month
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