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  1. I didn't say becoming premium is a must but I seriously can't find out how to get ahold of in game currency for free. When I first signed up it said to get L$ I'd have to pay real world money. How do I go about getting money to spend?
  2. Okay, so I'm new to this and everything but I find this to be a very bad idea. No one should have to pay their hard earned money for computer game money. These people who run this already have you paying $6 per month but aking you pay in order to do anything that's just greedy. There's another game I play where membership is $5 per month and you can earn money in game or (this is optional) be cheap and buy you're way through the game. They update once a onth unleashing tons of updates with maybe 24k people paying for acess to weapons and places free players can't get to. I'm absolutely against paying to do anything. If you're against this as well I could use some supporters.
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