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  1. Go into your SL dashboard then go to manage accounts. then go to the bottom it will say delete account.
  2. You are going to have to lower the graphics on the game. Or you may have to R click on your Av and look for the word renderfully. This should do the trick or changing your Av. Opps you could also clear your cashie in grapics advanced.
  3. Sadly in this case you may be out of luck however calling LL they may help you however do not get your hopes up. I am so sorry.
  4. All you need to do is lower graphics to low. Also you may want to Defrag and optimism your computer.
  5. Zackna79

    Region Ban List

    You may want to see if there is more then one land owner and also see if they have a personal problem with you. If they do that could be the reason and you will have to sort it out with them or get a Linden involved.
  6. That is a easy fix there heh heh. All you have to do is put there name on the land permissions by useing the land hud to do so.
  7. You may have to lower your graphics in the icon maked as Me then go into prefrances to find prefrances then go to graphics then set it to low.
  8. That is as slicing pie. What you do is go into textures change the width and hight to 1.000. That should dial you right in.
  9. As far as I know you can not change a Linden house texture if you are talking about the ones that you get with a one year membership. However if this is not the case your partner will need to add you to the land edit permissions. They should be able to do so with the land control panel or talking to the land lord of the area your are renting from.
  10. It may mean there is a glitch with the free gift or in some cases there is no gift anymore due to being discontinued and some owners just fail to remove them. I would recoment going into propertys on the object finding out who owns it and then contacting them directly in IM. That should clear things up for you.
  11. It would depend if you have a attack hud like Toxic or Altima or some veryation. Other wise you have been grifed and will have to get LL help. Or you could hit CTRL ALT L anbd all things will go red. Then you can see if anything has been attached to your AV by a greifer. If you spot it you can report it as well as atempt to remove it by hitting R click and looking for remove or return to owner or delete perhaps. But more then likely your going to need to call LL and get help if it continues.
  12. You will have to go into password recovery to recover or change the passwords. Fallow the prompts and you should be able to do them one by one. If this fails you will need to contact LL and see if they can aid you.
  13. I believe it does. Because people are not supposed to pan handle in SL. I think it is a form of harassment or something to that effect. When all else fails read the TOS closely and consult LL.
  14. Zackna79

    Animation problem

    It is a very simple fix friend more then likely you have something called a AO AKA Action overirde. This makes your avitar walk in manor that is not the standard SL walking and sitting pose. Most sitting pose balss chars ect are set for the standard SL AO that comes with your AV when you first start in AL. So to fix this just take off or turn off your AO. Then you should be golden.
  15. You will need to change your password and account name more then likely. As well as report it to LL so they may look into it. Also in the future if you have given out your password for some reason this is also a reason to change it to protect yourself as well as other from L fraud.
  16. I have used this Gift Card before with no problems and now I can not buy L. Why is this? I checked my funds and I have plenty on it. Could some one tell me honestly why this is happening? It makes LL look like they do not want people using gift cards or something. I am puzzled.
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