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  1. I had this issue also and got this back short-term outage with our voice provider, rather than an issue with the region itself. The outage has been resolved, Have a great weekend!
  2. As beta grid and the mine one is linked Sometime when you update your password It. the Beta has the old one
  3. Sandbox just sent everything back to your inventory Go back to a sandbox and start rezzing from your L|F
  4. If you do a clean install and update this will fix that.
  5. Stevie91

    Region Ban List

    Im Tping to a Region i have never been to But iv been Banned. SO i sent a Mate over To get me the sim owners name So i got in touch And ask her if she knows why im on there. So i get in touch and she Has said that im not on the Ban List for the Region. and ask my to do a ticket. Sim Owner : Sue Peregrine First Region: secondlife://ABARIS%20DALLIEZ/226/76/3952 I think its all her regions
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