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  1. Thank you, Orion! I did want insight on the Aeros skin as well. They do have one for Slink, and I liked it the minute I saw it. Thanks again!
  2. I have to agree. Clothing fits Altamura terribly, leaving very visible holes and gaps. Especially in the abdomen and arms. Some look like ghosts in a human costume.
  3. https://al.eternal-conflict.com/ Before you run to the marketplace to get your free garlic necklace to block bites from Bloodlines or your free ring to identify Progeny nearby, be aware that there is a new vampire in town who can bite you at a larger distance that the Progeny can. Up to 10m away. If you have a good processor and graphics card on your computer, they can calmly even sit at a Skippo table and kill you. Without your knowledge or permission. Without you accepting a request. Without having to come up and stick right against you. No more beta version... they are up and running at the present. Free system as well. Oh, and they can bite newbies without age or time restrictions too, all as long as the victims are "healthy"...
  4. Yes, I have noticed that the Slink twists feet oddly sometimes. I though the animations were lousy. But now that you mentioned it....Yes, I have noticed that the Slink twists feet oddly sometimes. I though the animations were lousy. But now that you mentioned it....
  5. Thanks Rio. I actually liked a Slink skin I saw on the AEROS inworld store. He already has a Slink shape. There is plentiful choices of clothing for Slink as well...So, I appreciate your advice.
  6. What is your favorite male mesh avatar brand (skin and shape included)? I am not interested in the "meat head" look, but a fit and trim look. Affordable with a good variety of clothing choices available. Meaning, Below the 2500 L range I like Signature, but am ready to check out your recommendations... Thanks
  7. thanks Someone told me about editing the terrain and splitting the parcel. Using two groups, one for each. I will try both suggestions.
  8. Can anyone please help me set up a platform that I raised to 3500m above my home as a skybox? I want to have a group only access to the home below, and public access above on the platform. Is this possible? Thank you
  9. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Progeny-detector-ring-F-R-E-E/16715833 Wear it. See who has Progeny attachments in chat and keep them from biting you. Give it out to your friends.
  10. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Progeny-detector-ring-F-R-E-E/16715833 Wear it. See those with fangs in chat and keep them away. Give it out to your friends
  11. Bored with this already.. Just get your free HUD and wear it if you are not interested in ending up as a ghost or whatever, and want to have your SL experience your way. They would not provide a blocker like the garlic necklace but mind being spotted and giving people a choice to stop an intrusive role play from including them... They will not provide a way to get you off their ridiculous database without you buying their crap. Exposing you to further bites again. I am out of this boring thread.. Hope the HUD helps the many who never wanted part in this nonsense... With a dagger in your heart, I move on...
  12. Talk about a provocation now. Because, you know, what I should have done is humbly get in the Progeny database without fighting back... Right? Then if I want to be "human" again and not a phantom, I just pay into their redemption only to expose myself to get bitten again by someone else.... What we all against the Progeny ways should do is take the decision from their creator to not have anything blocking their bites, and be trapped into a role play without our agreement. But they can not stand a taste of their own medicine when I put their ring hud in the marketplace. When they can't go secretive anymore. Yes, little frustrated Progeny vampires. We know how it feels to have no control over your SL experience. We understand.
  13. I put the garlic necklace up as well. Both for free. Simply because I do not wish to be part of anyone else's stupid role play without my consent. Link is here: Progeny detector ring F R E E Get yours then joyfully distribute it to all your friends and tell them that when they see someone wearing "colmillos" or fangs, don't let them come close. They need to come close to bite you. So, show them that humans can also sneak up on them and beat them at their game. Get your free HUD and give it away. It is *your right* to choose your experience in SL, not theirs. Of course, Progeny won't like it. But neither did we.
  14. It is not for sale Going further, I have passed it to my friends and encouraged them to pass it along. It is a free HUD with copy and transfer rights
  15. Corrected the F and the U.... good point. And I am not telling you or anyone about how I got it. Others are selling the same HUD. It should be made available for free. If I do not want to be part of your role play, I should not have to be. That is all....
  16. Free in the Marketplace. Come and get yours and give away to friends... Progeny Detector ring, FREE
  17. Want the ring? Send me an IM Have it your way, Progeny...
  18. You bet! It is your birthday today!
  19. The ring is not in the marketplace. But maybe we can play their game too, why not? I'll send you an IM. Have it your way, Progeny!
  20. Looking for someone experienced in creating, texturizing and attaching a sculpt for a little job. If interested, contact me.
  21. Like I said... I tried it all... I know you dont have the problem, so I did not inquire about you. I am very upset that nothing is helping. Other accounts can see the avatar but I can not see it. All I see is a red cloud. I even tried to log in from another viewer, Singularity. Nothing helps, it is all the same. I can not even detach my huds. How much longer is this going to last, for crying out loud!?
  22. Any updates on this? It has been two days already since I can not use my new alternate account because all I see is a red cloud! How much longer do we wait for that solution?
  23. I sign on with an alternate account to see only a red cloud that refuses to go away. Even after cleaning my inventory, rebooting my modem and the computer. I cant even detach the huds I am wearing! What can I do please? I have been a memberr for a while and each time I saw this, it went away in seconds. Not now, this is taking hours!
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