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  1. OMG!! I love you!! I deleted Webroot and I can see again! Thank you Thank you!!!
  2. Ok, I have tried, reinstalling and installing my viewer, (FS) numerous times. I have cleared my cache, I have done a clean install, I have rebooted my pc, modem, router, I have tried an alt, ive tried my laptop, and i still get the same problem...I can not see anything, I cant even see myself. Im getting tired of having to log and relog 1/2 the day to be able to see. https://gyazo.com/657b7d5fae85151b2709765c4d8130a1That is what i see, and i even am trying to clean my inventory which is taking forever.
  3. I wish there was a faster way, because SL is not like you pc would be when you can copy a whole folder and place somewhere else, but in SL you need to first put all that are in that one folder into a prim, then pick it up and then put all those prims into one prim, its a pain in the BUTT!!
  4. Thank you, I will give that a try regarding the outfits. But I still have to figure a fast was to clean my inventory...
  5. Hi, I am a creator in Second Life and I have been having issues with logging in and seeing what is in my studio, (and yes, i have reinstalled the viewer numerous times, plus all the other things that were suggested) I was wondering if my inventory would have any affect on this? I have over 230K items and I have no idea where to start to delete or consolidate, to lower my inventory any suggestions?
  6. Thanks, but there are only a few items in each item i want to rez so it shouldnt take that long.
  7. I have been having this issue now for over a week and I dont know what else to do. I have rezzed, my items and other items from other creators and i still get the same issue, its says loading contents, but never does :(. When I try to either open or to load. I have, restarted the sim, I have cleared my cache, I have clean uninstalled, both FireStorm and the SL viewer, I have tried going to another sim, I have tried shutting down my pc and rebooting my internet, and none of these things fixed the situation. HELP!!!
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