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  1. The answer is in that url you thanked the person for.
  2. This is my rationale too for trying to get the model without materials selected as close to its presentation for those who run on higher settings! It bothers me to conceive of people walking around and seeing my thing looking gammy as hell XD
  3. Are you able to tell me why that is awfully made?
  4. I'm weight painting some garments at the moment, and because I'm ***** retentive I'm covering some pretty extreme poses. I just hopped in aditi to do a test, and noticed that my pose adjuster can't actually rotate my characters shoulder all the way... up? Are all SL avatars bone movements locked past a point? So say, your forearm can't bend the wrong way at your elbow? Or do SL avatars bend whichever which way and it was just the hud I was using that was constricted? If you can bend however which way you like, how far do most creators take their mesh in terms of unusual posing etc? Hope this makes sense!
  5. You guys are awesome, thank you! mystery solved 😆
  6. For some reason stuff owned by people (it looks like people with land administration rights) on my sim from time to time gets sent to the sim corner under the ocean. I've been wondering why this happens. Not very often, but enough that every month or so if I look, there will be five or six random objects all piled in that location. Does anyone know why this happens?
  7. wow... in terms of snooping, an item just came up on my mp home page where you can drop a script into an item for a partner to wear, a ring for example, and it relays all their text?
  8. ohh nice! now how do I turn off people seeing whst I inspect/edit too... what viewer do you use?
  9. thanks! it doesn’t bother me, I just thought it was an interesting discussion point and/or something people might want to know about, though I havent been half as helpful as you, thanks!
  10. Nice! So that’s what was happening. I may actually ask my friend what else he was saying other people can see, just out of interest!
  11. I apologise if this is the wrong channel for this, I tried to think what it would come under, but it's not really a technical issue. I just found out yesterday that a friend gets notifications when I take snapshots of things, though I'm not sure what viewer he uses. Apparently there's a lot of stuff they can track/see, and I'm fascinated. Are there other browsers that allow you to see things like that? I only have ever used firestorm and the standard viewer, so I didn't know such options existed. I only found out in the last few years that my camming people with impunity wasn't as undetected as I thought. Consider my huuuuge retrospective embarrassment! For some reason firestorm likes to reset my preferences to not broadcast my lookat targets, so I'm in constant paranoia, checking from time to time XD
  12. Liramaril

    Burn out

    I’m going through a bit of this myself and was wondering what other peoples experiences were. Do find yourself suffering from roleplay burnout? How often and why? Do you attempt to combat it, and if so, how? Alternatively, what fo you find yourself doing? What eventually draws you back to rp?
  13. Sorry, Wulfie, I misunderstood your reply on first read. I see now! And yes, it sounds like both of you are right. Another rabbit hole for me to fall into XD
  14. Hi!! Sorry, no, I don’t mean that the cape would be animated, rather that when the arms are raised, the mesh still looks reasonable, as well as when the arms are lowered. To have the mesh still in a decent, non-gammy-looking position seems to definitely require an interplay of several bones, because you want the excess fabric to essentially accordion when it would fall into folds, reducing its surface area. If you know what I mean? If you look at the top two sketches of this image, this might help explain the quandary Im at! https://pin.it/52ye5PU So just how to tackle it so that it sits right when arms are up or down.
  15. Hi! So I am trying to make a cape similar to the picture I'll attach below. I've experimented with starting the mesh in both A pose (then using blender/avastar to convert to T pose) and meshing it in T pose to begin with. I've seen a lot of capes on the MP but they either don't drape on the arms/partially in front of the arms, or they do but need to use custom poses/animations/alphas etc to hide the arms/restrict movement. Because I want to try to create a cape that moves with the arms but also has something of a fabric drape effect, I've realised I need to sacrifice a lot of the 'look' in T-pose. It will look unrealistic in T pose because the fabric will have to still to some degree sit on the arms, even though logically it would fall away from them at that point. I've experimented with different mesh poses to begin with to allow for more vertices to manipulate, but I've been running into problems where it just distorts too much when I move to either (I guess because I am trying to move so many vertices to hide excess mesh etc, or because I simply do not have enough). I am wondering if you guys might have any suggestions for how you might go about something like this.
  16. Hi, just wondering what happens here? I have been weight-painting a mesh and decided to experiment with adding vertices, which sometimes ends with them flying all over the place as soon as I plant them down. Does blender (which is what Im using) average all the vertices around it and apply that weight to it? is there any way to do that? Perhaps by hitting smooth? Im trying to figure out an easy way rather than selecting the new vertex and weighting it
  17. I think Santa Ramona has a sewer, or used to! I love Innsmouth which was mentioned above.
  18. I think I'll have to Since your suggestion is something I've already tried but just wont work for some reason ffs
  19. There used to be a few places where people arranged for various talks - had lecturers and other random interesting people (supposedly) come in, as well as stimulating debate etc. Does anything like that exist nowadays?
  20. You can visit us at Clifton Forge: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shadow Mountain/195/209/2002 Hopefully that is the right link and I have not just dropped you randomly out of the sky.
  21. Hi! Sorry, another question-- I'm using Blender 2.77 (probably should update, but I've tried to keep it old as I trawl through old tutorials) and Avastar (which is a much newer version than I used to have). There's a way to be able to manipulate the bones/pose the model in weight-paint mode, but I can't for the life of me find it. I've gone through so many tutorials, as well as tried the new workflow preset for weight-painting in Avastar, and I still have to switch back and forth to pose any time I want to move the model (and then weight paint a bit more). I used to know how to do this. It's frustrating XD Thank you for your time? I appreciate any input!
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