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  1. npcee

    Floor Shadow

    Yes, the example I showed was in blender but Im 100% sure that most these other software do something similar.
  2. npcee

    Floor Shadow

    You can simply place a plane under your object, a light source above everything, and then bake the shadow map for the plane. The result will be a bit harsh, but you can then tweak things up in your favorite image software, and then alpha the white areas. You can also experiment with different kinds of light sources. I think an area light might work better.
  3. Yeeeah... although I give props to the creator for making a really beautiful piece, when I saw the vram I thought it was almost a crime it only got 4 LI.
  4. Last year I finally decided to deal with my 2020 new-year resolution of learning how to use blender before it was too late and I can say Im completely addicted now. One of the areas that I decided to pay more attention was in making my objects not too demanding for the servers, because like many of you, I reeeeally hate lag. So in my learning curve I started with simple objects, then I dipped my toes in learning to proper uv-unwrap things, getting the right sized textures for each part, being more conservative in my geometry to get the tris down, then I moved on to making my own LODs, usi
  5. Im a new 3d modeler (started only 3 or 4 months ago), and Im absolutely in love with blender. Like many, the texturing side of things is my weak point, so I do prefer to do this part of the workflow within blender (well, to be honest, Im still experimenting with some things), and like you the shader/node editor was very intimidating when I started watching all those youtube tutorials, however being now at a point where I can make simple textures just using nodes and mixing them, I can tell you that its definitely something you should try and explore. Its as satisfying as popping bubble wrap.
  6. Hi, Ive been looking like crazy for the dress/top used in this image: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-osQqQ_slz10/V3ZbI4u-eLI/AAAAAAAABN8/TwYk4Zl1n9QfvKtMslG0ebazqTpkjTMowCLcB/s640/special.jpg Does anyone know the name, or where to find it? Edit: The creator was kind enough and told me the name. Its called "Raffle Baby Doll" by Ambrosia. :)
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